Trying Trends – Styling Puff Sleeve Dresses & Tops

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Welcome to another round of “trying trends” here on Have Clothes, Will Travel! Today I’m trying the puff sleeve trend with 2 puff sleeve dresses and a puff sleeve top. And, as always, I’m sharing my honest thoughts. (If you missed my previous “trying trends” post, click here!)

Now, I know many of us are not dressing up much these days (did you have a chance to check out my loungewear post?) … but even though I’ve left my house only to go to the grocery store and to go running, I thought it would be fun to have a little dress-up night! I tried these outfits out Friday and Saturday night last week just for the heck of it. I literally did nothing but have dinner with my husband and watch an unhealthy amount of “The Americans” on Amazon Prime (and I changed into my PJs before watching TV)! 

When it’s safe to do so, I’ll try wearing the puff sleeve trend out for a night out and about. But for now, I’ll share my thoughts (and my husband’s commentary) with you all on wearing the puff sleeve trend around my house! I would love to hear your thoughts on this trend in the comments section at the end of the post. Enjoy! 

1.) Trying a Puff Sleeve Mini Dress -Black 

Black Mesh Ruffle Long Sleeve Bodycon Mini Dress - Trying Trends with a Puff Sleeve Dress

Initial reactions to my puff sleeve dress…

I actually kind of like the puff sleeves! I also like how fitted this dress is (shocking I know), as it balances out the dramatic sleeves. However, this dress is just WAY too short for my taste. Although, my husband was a fan! His initial reaction was… “Wait, where are you going? You know we’re not supposed to go anywhere, right?”

…Once I assured him I was NOT leaving he went on and on about how fun and sexy looking this dress is. (Given that I’m wearing crazy dresses all the time, he becomes pretty desensitized to my clothing choices. So, if he went out of his way to remark on a dress – it must be a unique one!) 

Styling this puff sleeve dress

I kept my shoes and accessories rather muted, as I wanted the focus to be on the sleeves. I think the hint of gold from my necklace and on my pumps was just enough for this outfit. (If I had left my house – I would have also used my black clutch with a gold chain.)

Black Mesh Ruffle Long Sleeve Bodycon Mini Dress - Trying Trends with a Puff Sleeve Dress

Verdict – Will I buy a puff sleeve mini dress again?

No. But that is only because it is a mini dress. I hate wearing clothing that is this short, as I like to be able to move and bend over without panicking! I do like the puff sleeves, though. This is just the right amount of volume, in my opinion. It’s enough to make a statement without looking too over-the-top. 

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2.) Trying a Black One Shoulder Puff Sleeve Dress

Black One Shoulder Puff Sleeve Ruched Side Midi Dress

Initial reactions to my puff sleeve dress…

This dress is unique, and I like the puff sleeve coloring the best. I also like that this is a one-shoulder puff sleeve dress – as that isn’t a style I’ve seen too frequently. I don’t love the fit of this dress as well as the first one, though. The material is a little thinner, so it leaves basically nothing to the imagination.

Styling this one-shoulder puff sleeve dress 

Again, given that I wanted the attention to be on the sleeve, I didn’t wear anything other than my gold flower earrings and the same black pumps with gold tips. (I also would have used a black clutch with gold chain here too.)  

Black One Shoulder Puff Sleeve Ruched Side Midi Dress

Verdict – Will I buy a one-shoulder puff sleeve dress again?

I do like this style of dress! I would be interested in getting this dress in a slightly thicker material. I’m just not a fan of fitted dresses that are so thin, as they’re just not as flattering, in my opinion.

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3.) Black Floral Puff Sleeve Top

Black Floral Puff Sleeve Top - Trying the Puff Sleeve Trend

Initial reactions to my puff sleeve top…

This one I’m a bit on the fence with. I do like it… but at the same time, the sleeves are a little bit much for me. And when my husband saw this one he also remarked… “That’s a nice top, Jerry!” He’s referring to Jerry Seinfeld of course… when he wears the puffy pirate shirt on the Today Show. While I will say that this top is nicer looking than Jerry’s was… I can’t stop thinking about that now when I see this top! 

Styling this puff sleeve top

I followed the same accessory formula as the first dress for this one! I also went with high-waisted blue jeans here, as the top is quite short. I think this top would also look fantastic with a pair of white skinny pants or a pencil skirt. 

Black Floral Puff Sleeve Top - Trying the Puff Sleeve Trend

Verdict – Will I buy a puff sleeve top again?

Yes – but likely one that has slightly less voluminous sleeves. I really don’t have anything against this top, I just know I won’t get quite as much use out it because the sleeves are so dramatic. Granted, it does have a very unique and rather high-fashion look to it, though. 

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It was fun to play dress this last weekend – even if I wasn’t going anywhere! I’d love to hear your thoughts on the puff sleeve trend in the comments section at the end of this post? Once it’s safe to be out and about again, will you be rocking puff sleeves or not a chance?

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  1. I haven’t tried a puff sleeve and might not try it but I will say that first dress looks fantastic on you! I see your point about it being on the short side but va vs voom!

  2. These are such fun pieces! While you didn’t like the first dress I quite liked it! The blouse at the end is my favourite though 🙂

    Hope that you had a lovely weekend 🙂 We all stayed home and stayed safe, hope you did too.

  3. I love the puff sleeve trend soo fun and flattering! Your husbands commentary cracks me up, it sounds just like my husband too.

  4. I love the puff sleeves, even though I don’t have many yet. It’s a nice way to add interest to a top or dress while still being covered.
    As for your “mini dress”…truthfully I don’t think it’s too short. Maybe with those shoes it seems short, but I bet if you tried it with OTK boots, it might feel different?? Or even just tall boots. Then not as much leg is exposed. Heck, that’s why I like ankle boots with dresses too!!

    1. It’s more that I like to be able to bend over in my clothes without feeling (or actually being) exposed. Shoes wouldn’t help with this one, but thank you for the suggestion! I think it’s OK to like trends on others but also understand what you’re not a fan of too, and mini dresses just aren’t my jam. But you never know until you try!

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