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3 Unique Ways to Travel Europe

Guest post by Simon Rae

Europe is a great vacation destination given its fabulous history, great culture and the many places you can visit. These include shopping in Paris, the Italian food, beauty and carnival of Venice, parties in Ibiza, skiing in St. Moritz Switzerland, the Malta islands, or a visit to wine producers of Europe such as Italy, Spain, and France among other great places.

However, which unique ways can you use to visit Europe and enjoy all that it has to offer?

Unique Ways to Visit Europe


amazing ways to travel Europe

Europe is surrounded by water. To the North there is the Arctic Ocean, to the west, there is the Atlantic Ocean while the Mediterranean Sea borders the south. This makes sailing one of the best and unique ways to visit Europe.

amazing ways to travel Europe

By sailing Europe, you can visit many great destinations. For instance, if you opt for the Mediterranean, you can visit countries such as Italy, Croatia, Spain, Greece, France, Turkey, Montenegro, and Malta. With its more than 1000 km of coastline and over 1100 islands, Croatia is the top sailing destination in the world.

Besides, you can choose how to sail to Europe. You can charter yachts such as sailing yachts, gulets, motor yachts, and catamarans. Do you want to experience power and speed as you sail? Then a motor yacht is for you. If you are in a group and you want to cruise the Mediterranean, then a Gulet is suitable for you. For adventure and to discover the hidden parts as you enjoy nature, then the best option for sailing is the sailboat.

Road and Rail

amazing ways to travel Europe

For the land lovers, you can explore countries and cities in Europe by road or rail. This will enable you to visit most inland sites and venues which you would not access by water.

You can transverse Europe via train as you hop between cities and countries while enjoying the magnificent landscape such as the scenic Rhone Valley in France or the mountainous landscapes in Munich. It is also easy to connect between countries in Europe by rail.

amazing ways to travel Europe

If you desire more freedom and spontaneity in your journey, then taking the road is the best option. Whether you are driving or taking the bus, you will access some of the places that would have been difficult to get to by rail or sailing. However, going by road is suitable if you are visiting a particular region and not for tours between countries, otherwise, you may have to spend a lot of time on the road instead of enjoying your vacation.


Simon Rae

Yes, you can pedal across Europe. Many cities in Europe such as Paris, Munich, Copenhagen, Vienna, Amsterdam, and many others are bicycle-friendly. You can criss-cross the continent using the long-distance routes that have been established comprising of the Rhone route, Rhine route, and Baltic Adriatic route.

*As a bonus in ways to traveling around Europe, if you’re going directly to Rome and you want a private and comfortable flight, you can book a chartered plane to Rome for a whole new level of flying experience. Rome is rich with history and architectural structures, thus making it the 37th most visited destination with approximately 4 million tourists per year. With the volume of people visiting the city, using public transport might be stressful, thus, opting for a private plane will make you worry-free and energy ready to stroll around the city even after you land.

Store Your Luggage

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How would you prefer to travel Europe? Let me know in the comments!

3 Unique Ways to Travel Europe
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  1. We definitely prefer road trips. They give you a lot of freedom to get lost among little villages. 🙂 However we would also love to sail in Greece.

  2. I’d love to sail through some of Europe, how fun! I do get seasick though, so probably not for me, haha!

    Hope that you are having a lovely weekend 🙂 Yesterday the boys had their Christmas concert and it was the cutest thing!

    Away From The Blue Blog

    1. That was my worry about that as well. But it does still sound appealing! And thank you! I hope you had a great weekend too. The concert sounds so fun!

  3. We’ve sailed off the coast of Portugal, which was amazing! Would love to travel via train all throughout Northern Europe. Great post!

  4. Such a great post. Jake and I are thinking about a eurotrip in March. I’ve been on a cruise through Europe and it was a perfect way to hit several spots. I bet sailing would be amazing. Also, if we do Europe we will probably do lots of trains. I did when I did a short study abroad trip.

  5. Now you know how lazy we are….bicycling would be the worst idea for my hubby…ha ha!!
    But the rails would be fun. We keep saying we need to do this!!

    1. Oh my gosh, I can’t think of a worse form of torture than going by bike. Haha. But I agree! The rails would be fun!

  6. The last time I went to Europe I traveled mostly by train and LOVED it! It was so fun. I’d love to cycle through some countries though.

    Lee – layersoflee.com

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