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5 Must-See, Picturesque Destinations For Art Lovers

Guest Post by Rebecca Martin

If you’re a passionate artist or simply find enjoyment in experiencing what the art world has to offer, then why not book a holiday where you can see some of the world’s most iconic artwork, created by world-renowned artists? Holidays are meant to be a time to relax and appreciate life, a little break away from your everyday routine to do things you enjoy. If for you that means art, then we’ve narrowed down some of the very best holiday locations in the world for you.

5 Must-See, Picturesque Destinations For Art Lovers

1. Frigiliana, Andalusia, Spain

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This village is made up of white-washed houses and cobbled streets which are a stunning contrast to the Spanish blue seas. Everything in this village creates a calming and pure atmosphere like no other. Many of the house doors in Frigiliana are painted beautiful pastel colors which contributes to why it was awarded the prettiest village in Andalusia. The village is extremely picturesque, with stunning beaches and the cliffs of Andalucia, making it the ideal place for taking some time out to paint landscapes. In fact, as tourists enjoy painting this village so much, locals have created painting holiday packages, meaning everything is covered, including food, accommodation and of course, painting activities. This is ideal for those traveling solo with little knowledge of how to book an art-centric holiday, or even just for those in search of like-minded individuals.

2. Amalfi Coast, Italy

The stunning Amalfi Coast along the coastline of southern Italy stretches a fantastic 50km and displays just how jaw-dropping Italy’s natural structures are. The Amalfi Coast has become an extremely popular holiday destination for those that can afford a little bit of luxury. On the Amalfi Coast, there are staggering cliffs that jab straight into the sea, which is an artist’s dream to replicate through painting. In fact, this Mediterranean landscape that is the Amalfi Coast is a popular location for painting because it is jam-packed with cultural beauty, as well as natural beauty. This location is full of accomplishments which are presented in the artwork of many which display the artist and architectural strength of the area.

3. Siena, Tuscany, Italy

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The Tuscan landscape in Italy is like no other and most of the time people go on just for the views! The uniqueness of the settings in Tuscany are truly impressive and to paint them is a treat. In particular, Siena in Tuscany is a delightful place to visit if you’re an enthusiastic landscape painter. The town is situated over three hills and still has a medieval feeling to it, due to the twisting roads and medieval castles that are still standing to this day. All in all, Siena is somewhere that many art enthusiasts from all over the world love to visit, as it is drenched in history, but has remained a stunning location.

4. South of France

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Sketch, paint, enjoy delicious cuisine and most importantly, relax in the South of France. A painting holiday here would simply mean painting history, by painting ports and villages that have been around for a long time. There are even places in the South of France where you can complete a painting tour of top locations, giving you the opportunity to discover locations that you may not have known even existed before, as well as the chance to meet like-minded people.

5. Florence, Tuscany, Italy

Another Tuscan city and a popular pick for many budding artists is Florence. It is the capital city of Tuscany, with lots to offer. This capital city is known for its art of the Renaissance period and indeed, it?s strong, long-lasting and unique architecture, all of which pulls on the interest of artists and history lovers alike. Florence is also the home of the iconic Michelangelo, a multi-talented artist who is known for his many talents including sculpting, painting and architecture, as well as being a strong poet, all during the high renaissance period. Learning about the history of Michelangelo in Florence is something that often encourages and gives inspiration to artists from all over the world.

*Bonus: Traditional mountain villages close to Brasov, Romania

Just outside of Brasov is a place with jaw-dropping picturesque views: the traditional mountain villages of Magura, Pestera and Sirnea are spread across rolling hills in an 800m high valley between the towering Bucegi Mountains and Piatra Craiului National Park. This is one of the most beautiful places to go on tours in Romania! You can go hiking and enjoy a great day in nature, meet locals and see their traditional way of living, taste cheese specialties and befriend cow or sheep herds. The famous Bran Castle is also nearby in case you’re looking for some fictional or medieval inspiration. At the end of the day you’ll be inspired to paint an authentic rural scenery of quaint village life, hills and Carpathian mountains.

About the author
Rebecca Martin is an art enthusiast and blog writer at UniBaggage.com.

5 Must-See Destinations For Art Lovers
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  1. All of these locations look sooo beautiful and seem like very interesting places to visit. If I wasn’t so terrifed of flying, I would certainly visit a few of them xD

  2. Holy Cow!! I wish I would have been smarter in my twenties and ventured out of the country. One day I may be so lucky to see one of these beautiful spots! Thanks for sharing

  3. These places are gorgeous. I’ve been to the South of France and it’s breathtaking and Florence. Tuscany/Amalfi Coast, Italy is on my must-visit list

    1. Oooh I would love to visit the South of France! And I have a friend who is currently in Italy touring, and I am beyond jealous of the views, haha. One day! 🙂

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