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Capes Aren’t Just for Superheroes – Wear One This Fall

Shein White Cape

Shein White Cape

Cape c/o* | Boots c/o* (similar) | Bag | Jeans | Sunglasses c/o* | Necklace (similar)

While capes often bring to mind images of Superman and Batman, you don’t have to be able to fly or drive a Batmobile to rock one this fall. There are so many fun options! I’ve very pleased that capes appear to be here to stay for a while longer. They’re such a classy and simple look, in my opinion.

Wearing one as a coat can be a great option in fall. (I really love this one!) One of my favorite looks is as a dress, like this one I wore a few years back. However, there’s nothing simpler and classier than a cape blouse.

Shein cape

The blouse I’m wearing is true-to-size, and it’s not see-through. I thought that was nice for a white blouse! I almost always have to wear a cami under anything white, but that’s not the case with this one.

The best part, though, is that this blouse is just $12!! You can’t beat that price. For that price, it’s not the world’s greatest quality and I don’t think it will last for too many years of wearing and washing. However, for $12, I’m more than satisfied with it. (I’ll just be extra careful when washing it.)

DSW boots

Pairing boots with a cape is one of my favorite looks as well. You can sort of pretend you’re actually a superhero then. Break out your cape and your butt-kicking boots, and go save the world!

Speaking of boots, these are my current favorites from DSW. They’re from last year, and this year’s version has a little extra bling to them. However, I still think they look great. Plus, they’re easy to walk in and they fit my wide feet!

Shein White Cape

Shein White Cape

What are your thoughts on wearing capes? Love ’em or leave ’em? Let me know in the comments!

Where to find it:

Cape: c/o* Shein
Boots: c/o* DSW (similar)
Bag: Kate Spade
Jeans: ModCloth
Sunglasses: c/o* Polette
Necklace: Gift from my mom (Similar here)

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  1. $12 ?!?!? I’m sold! I don’t usually wear white – I wish I could blame that on my messy toddler but I’m clumsy lol – but I have always wanted to try this style.

  2. I’ve been seeing the cape trend around and I think it looks so gorgeous on other people (like yourself!), but I am not sure that it would work well on my frame — I have such a short torso so things never fit right on my shoulders.

    Great look! x


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