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Rosario, Argentina just before a storm.

Rosario, Argentina just before a storm.

I’m sad to say, but our time in Rosario, Argentina has come to an end. We’ll be leaving Rosario tomorrow morning. I know, that’s rather sudden! We had found out about our departure a few weeks ago. I was waiting to say anything about it, though, because I was hoping I would have a little more information to share other than “we’re leaving.”

Now What?

Alas, though, that is all I know right now! We’re leaving Rosario tomorrow morning, but our time in Argentina won’t end just yet. My husband and I will be taking a little whirlwind trip around Argentina before we leave. We’ll be starting in Iguassu Falls, then making our way to El Calafate and then to Ushuaia. I’m really excited to get to Patagonia and hike Perito Moreno Glacier and see the penguins in Ushuaia! I’ll be updating my Snapchat (HavClothWilTrav) and Instastories if you’d like to follow along.

After Ushuaia, we’ll be heading back to Wisconsin by our family to figure out our next move. We shall see what happens next!

We’re Going to Miss You, Rosario

I haven’t done a post like this since we left Stevens Point, Wisconsin, but I wanted to give a shoutout to the amazing businesses and people we have met during our time in Rosario. We are really going to miss you all! And if you’re in Rosario, definitely check out their businesses!

*Words in italics will be my attempts at writing in Spanish.
*Las palabras en cursiva me tratarán de escribir en español.

*Spanish in Rosario

Spanish in Rosario

All of my amazing Spanish teachers // Mis increíbles profesores de español

I spent a lot of time with the lovely people pictured above! I was determined to learn Spanish while in Rosario, and I had the best Spanish teachers ever to help me. Any shortfalls in my Spanish speaking abilities are all on me – these folks were incredible and did everything they could to get me speak Spanish fluently! I can’t recommend this school enough. (I will be dedicating an entire post to this school soon. One little paragraph isn’t enough to sum up my time here or all of the amazing people who work here!)

*If you’re looking to learn Spanish while in Rosario, click here to check out their website. They have many different class options, and they also offer English lessons.

Pasé mucho tiempo con las personas encantadoras en la foto de arriba! Estaba decidido a aprender español mientras estuve en Rosario, y tuve los mejores profesores de español para ayudarme. Esta gente fue increíble e hizo todo lo posible para que yo hablara español con fluidez! No puedo recomendar esta escuela lo suficiente.

*Si quieres aprender español mientras estás en Rosario, haz clic aquí. Tienen muchas opciones de clase diferentes, y también ofrecen clases de inglés.

*CCF Gym


Our amazing trainer & friend, Sebastian // Nuestro increíble entrenador y amigo, Sebastian.

CCF Gym was an amazing place for us to get a good workout in and meet incredible people. Sebastian (above), is the teacher for the class we went to called “X-treme Fitness.” His workouts were hard but fun! And it was fun to practice Spanish with Sebastian, and likewise, he would practice English with us. (See one of our workouts, below, and give Sebastian a follow on Instagram to see more!)

The monthly rates at CCF gym are very reasonable as well. There are many, many different types of classes to choose from at CCF as well (all included in the monthly price, except for X-Treme Fitness, that is 50 pesos more a month, if I remember correctly).

Click here to see the CCF Gym Facebook page.

CCF Gym fue un lugar increíble para hacer un buen ejercicio y conocer gente increíble. Sebastian (arriba), es el maestro de la clase a la que fuimos llamados “X-treme Fitness.” Sus entrenamientos fueron duros pero divertidos! Y fue divertido practicar español con Sebastian, y de la misma manera, él practicaría inglés con nosotros. (Consulte uno de nuestros entrenamientos, a continuación, y pida a Sebastian que lo siga en Instagram para ¡ver más!)

Las tarifas mensuales en el gimnasio CCF son muy razonables también. Hay muchos tipos diferentes de clases para elegir en CCF también (todo incluido en el precio mensual, a excepción de X-Treme Fitness, que es 50 pesos más por mes, si no recuerdo mal).

Haga clic aquí para ver la página de Facebook de CCF Gym.

*Lavanderia Roca

Lavanderia Roca

You may have remembered me mentioning that in Rosario (actually in most of South America), laundromats aren’t a thing. So, if you don’t have a washing machine in your home or apartment, you take your clothing to a “lavanderia.” This is a business that will wash, dry and fold your clothing for you and likely deliver it to your home. As someone who has done their own laundry for as long as I can remember, this was a bit of an adjustment! But I am very happy to have met Paula, from Lavanderia Roca! (Lavanderia Roca is also a tintoreria, which means dry cleaning.)

Lavanderia Roca is a wonderful lavanderia/tintoreria to take your clothing to because Paula is a wonderful person who does a wonderful job! She has never once shrunk or ruined any of my clothing and she manages to get out some crazy stains from my clothing. However, the best part of Lavanderia Roca is just how kind Paula is. She goes out of her way to make sure you are settling into Rosario well, and she is always willing to help with whatever you need. (Seriously!) For fellow expats/travelers, Paula is also fluent in English. So, this comes in handy when you’re trying to get your bearings in Rosario!

Click here for Lavanderia Roca contact information and hours.

Lavanderia Roca es una maravillosa lavanderia/tintoreria para llevar tu ropa porque Paula es una persona maravillosa que hace un trabajo maravilloso. Ella nunca se ha encogido ni arruinado ninguna de mis prendas y se las arregla para sacar algunas manchas locas de mi ropa. La mejor parte de Lavanderia Roca es cuán amable es Paula. Ella hace todo lo posible para asegurarse de que te estás adaptando bien a Rosario, y siempre está dispuesta a ayudarte con lo que necesites. (En serio!) Para sus compañeros expatriados/viajeros, Paula también habla inglés con fluidez.

Haga clic aquí para obtener la información de contacto de Lavanderia Roca y el horario.

Lavanderia Roca

*Pasión por las Brasas (Restaurant)

Pasión por las Brasas is a restaurant in Rosario that serves the best T-Bone dry aged steak my husband and I have ever had (pictured above). We seriously dream about this steak. It also comes with the best Chimichurri sauce I’ve ever had in my life. (Chimichurri is a dipping sauce for grilled meat and originates from Argentina and Uruguay.) I’ve also tried their seafood, salads and a couple entradas and they were all amazing. They also have a really good wine selection! This was hands down our favorite restaurant in Rosario and our go-to for date night.

Click here for their website.

Pasión por las Brasas es un restaurante en Rosario que sirve el mejor filete de carne seca T-Bone que mi esposo y yo hemos tenido (foto arriba). Soñamos seriamente con este bistec. También viene con la mejor salsa de Chimichurri que he tenido en mi vida También probé sus mariscos, ensaladas y un par de entradas y todos fueron increíbles. ¡También tienen una muy buena selección de vinos! Este fue restaurante favorito en Rosario.

Haga clic aquí para acceder a su sitio web.

*Parque de la Independencia

Parque de la Independencia was our favorite park in Rosario. We loved to walk here on Sundays, buy snacks and watch the world go by. They also have an area where you can rent paddle boats! It’s a very nice atmosphere. (And you may recognize many of my outfit photos from this park, haha.)

El Parque de la Independencia era nuestro parque favorito en Rosario. Nos encantaba caminar aquí los domingos, comprar bocadillos y disfruta. ¡También tienen un área donde puedes alquilar botes de remo! Es un ambiente muy agradable. (Y puede reconocer muchos de fotos de mi atuendo de este parque, jaja.)

I also can’t end this post without a big thank you to our amazing friends and neighbors. Without Ed, Anthony, Talita & Augusto, we would have been lost! These four were there for us whether we needed help talking to our neighbors (when we first arrived they were REALLY loud & we spoke zero Spanish) or buying new shoes (seriously, my husband wore a hole in his work shoes and this was a crisis, haha) or introducing us to CCF Gym and Lavanderia Roca….and explaining to us how shopping at the Carrefoure Supermarket works (it’s quite a long story, haha). We would’ve likely had starved and been shoeless if it wasn’t for their help! 🙂 We’re really going to miss you all!

A big thank you to Martin for teaching us about mate and always inviting us over for asados and letting us watch NFL games at your place! We’re going to miss you! 🙂


See, they made sure we ate well!

Guidewire dinner photo

Anthony prepared us a traditional Peruvian meal in this photo!

I’m going to end this post here before I get all teary-eyed! Please enjoy a few more of my favorite photos of Rosario in the photo gallery below, and click here to see my other posts featuring Argentina. Farewell, Rosario!

Heads Up For Next Week’s Blog Posts

While we’re traveling and moving, I am fortunate enough to have some blogging friends offer to pick up my slack! So, next week and a couple days into the week after, my blog will be hosting guest posts from some very talented ladies! Their posts are ranging from “Planning a Trip to Africa” to “The Top 5 Mascaras You Need To Try.” So, there’ll be a little something for everyone. Please show them some love and check out their blogs after you give their amazing articles a read. (Thank you in advance!)

And again, you’ll be able to see my whereabouts on Snapchat and Instastories.


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I appreciate each & every share. Thank you!

20 thoughts on “Farewell, Rosario // The Places We’ll Miss (And You Should Check Out)

  1. Becci Abroad

    Oh❤️ What beautiful post! I’m sure Rosario will miss you too! ImI so glad to hear that you have had a great time in Argentina! It can somesomet be a bit difficult to get use to, understanding and adjusting to. However, it seems like you have had the right attitude ? Argentina will miss you! Looking forward to more flashback posts!


  2. Jodie

    Wow, Lindsey…you’re here and then there!! I envy your ability to just get up and go like you guys do!! It’s so inspiring! And of course I can’t wait to see where you’ll go next–hopefully somewhere you can use your Spanish!!


  3. withwonderandwhimsy

    What an incredible experience you’ve had, Lindsey! It’s so inspiring that you’re out there adventuring and blazing your own trail. So many people settle not because they intentionally choose to, but because it’s easy and comfortable. You inspire me to book those trips and work on the road and make more of my travel dreams a reality. Best of luck during this time of transition. I’m excited for the guest blogs next week and hope everything goes well for you!



  4. Nicole Schoultz

    Oh wow, I did not know penguins where in Ushuaia! Can’t wait to see the pics of that and hiking Patagonia. Safe travels! And, by the time you get back to WI hopefully the brunt of winter will be over, well considering our yard is basically no snow I’m feeling overly optimistic it’s over.


    1. haveclotheswilltravel Post author

      Thank you so much, Nicole! Haha and the snow seems to have arrived just in time for us to get back. Oh yes, and the penguins are about an hour journey from the center of Ushuaia! I’ll be posting about them soon!


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