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Etsy Hood Dress

Etsy hood dress - back

Etsy hood dress

Etsy hood dress

Etsy hood dress

Etsy hood dress

Etsy hood dress

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All that snow we were wishing for last week for Christmas has finally arrived. Haha. A few days late, but oh well. I’m ok with it…it certainly makes for some fun outfit photos.

And the snowy weather is perfect to break out my handmade, hooded dress for my Halloween costume this year (click here to see it), but fortunately I can use it outside of Halloween. This dress is so unique and gets so many compliments when I wear it out, especially on the back of it.

Another Etsy find that I am in love with, is my boot cuffs. I wear these nonstop in the winter. They’re super cute, and I like how they keep the snow from getting into my boots. I’ve had them for several years, and they have held up beautifully..given all the wear they get. Nothing beats handmade pieces!

Have Clothes, Will Travel wallet

Have Clothes, Will Travel wallet

However, the coolest handmade item in this post is clearly my wallet! C&A Leather custom-made this wallet for me, after my ModCloth wallet started to fall apart on me after just a few months (see photo at the bottom of post). I had liked the travel theme of my wallet from ModCloth, but I didn’t want a “disposable” wallet. (ModCloth had said that was “normal” wear and tear for their wallets. Huh?) So, I was on a mission to find a wallet that would last me for years! And C&A Leather came to the rescue. Not only is it a high-quality wallet, but it is also a one-of-a-kind piece…and it says “Have Clothes, Will Travel” on it! C&A Leather also put a fun little surprise on the wallet for me – an Avengers “A” hidden up in the corner. How cool is that?

C&A Leather wallet

What are some of your favorite finds from Etsy, or favorite handmade items? Let me know in the comments!

Where to find it:

Wallet: C&A Leather
Dress: Mirimirifashion
Boot cuffs: JFeatherDesigns
Tights: ModCloth (similar)
Boots: Payless (Old. Similar here.)
Mittens: Target
Scarf: Old (Similar here)

My ModCloth wallet starting to fall apart. :(
My ModCloth wallet starting to fall apart. 🙁

I appreciate each & every share. Thank you!


  1. Hahaha omg look at all that snow! We had one snow day in which the snow only lasted a few hours. We hardly ever get snow here anymore, just a ton of rain unfortunately. I love all these photos in the snow and don’t even get me started on how adorable you look in the hooded green dress. A custom made wallet?! What! That’s super neat! I really love the design. Hope u had a lovely xmas and wishing you all the best for 2016

  2. Love that dress, it’s so unique and beautiful! I just bought a fun and unique tshirt for my daughter that I wouldn’t be able to find in a store on Etsy and she loves it! 🙂

  3. You look beautiful in the snow! Snow pictures are always my faovrite, even if it is super cold taking them haha. You remind me of little red riding hood, but with a green hood lol. These wallets are stunning too. I love the design and detail on them.

  4. lol wait. I totally misread your post-it’s pretty late here. Anyway, ModCloth usually has great stuff so I am surprised that your 30 wallet started to fall apart. But this new one looks like it will be super sturdy as wallets should be! I love it-it looks like it belongs out of a fairytale 🙂
    Haha Sorry!

    1. Lol no problem! This was the first time I wasn’t happy with the quality of something I bought from ModCloth…but my C&A Leather wallet I’ve been using for over a month and it is holding up a million times better than the ModCloth one. And I think it looks pretty cool too. 🙂 Thank you!

    1. Thank you, Olivia! Haha, it reminds me of that too…I even wanted to name this post with something along the lines of Little Red Riding Hood, but was like “No, that doesn’t make sense!” But I’m glad someone else thought it too! Haha. I hope you have a wonderful New Years too!

  5. This is my favorite photoset of you where you’re not smiling! Those straight into the camera photos are stunning! That wallet is super awesome too! How long did you have the ModCloth wallet?! I feel like those things can have wear and tear, but I’ve had relatively cheap wallets last a while so that’s weird… XO

    1. Oh gosh..thank you, Lauren! You’re making me blush. 🙂 And sorry, I didn’t make it very clear how long I had the ModCloth was only a few months before it started coming apart on me. For $30ish dollars I was hoping for a bit longer than that. And I really like my pieces, especially accessories, to last. 🙁 (Which I am usually blown away by ModCloth’s quality, so this really surprised me.) But I have a good feeling this C&A Leather wallet is going to last forever. 🙂

  6. Awesome wallet! I love the secret “A” too 🙂

    Your hooded dress really does transition well from cosplay to everyday wear. I love the lacing up the back, and the hood looks cozy AND stylish!

    Have a wonderful New Year!

  7. That wallet is soooo cool. I love it!
    And I love etsy. It’s difficult to decide what is my favourite handmade thing from etsy that I’ve got, but at the moment I’m looooving a Ravenclaw scarf I bought from the mad girl shop at etsy. It’s perfect! Looks more like the one in the HP films than the “official” scarf.
    I loved the pop of colour with the tights in this outfit! And every time I see your hair like this, I get an urge to cut my own. It just looks so beautiful.
    Hope you’ll have an amazing NYE and an awesome new year!!
    Much love,

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