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Hillary of “Haute Hills”

Hillary of "Haute Hills." Photo courtesy of Libby Lu Photography.
Hillary of “Haute Hills.” Photo courtesy of Libby Lu Photography.

Meet Hillary! She’s this month’s Featured Fashionista and a makeup extraordinaire. Hillary is the creative gal behind the YouTube channel “Haute Hills,” which features her fun and energetic makeup tutorials. She makes trying new makeup looks and products a fun and easy experience.

However, makeup isn’t Hillary’s only passion. She also has a blossoming career in PR and is a talented photographer. Her career is actually taking a very exciting turn, as she prepares to move to a different city, but I’ll let her tell you about that!

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Q&A With Hillary 

Tell me a little about yourself.

Hillary: I’m a 27-year-old television producer living and working in Green Bay, Wisconsin. But that is all about to change! I will be moving to the Minneapolis area and starting a new gig as a PR specialist for a large travel agency. I am both excited and nervous to start this adventure! In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with friends, photography, watching game shows, volunteering, hunting for a good bargain, and baking sweet treats to fatten up my coworkers.

If someone subscribes to your YouTube channel, Haute Hills, what can they expect to see?

Hillary: When you subscribe to my channel, you will find quirky and educational makeup tutorials and reviews featuring yours truly. You will find videos that have upbeat music (this is important, I love a good jam) but jokes aside, you will find honest reviews of products and EASY and SIMPLE (those are my two favorite words) looks that you can recreate at home. As a girl with a budget, I use a hearty mix of both drugstore products along with high end. There are certain products I will splurge on, but for the most part, I enjoy testing out products from the drugstore. You will also find plenty of surprises in my videos whether that means me singing to my foundation brushes, hitting my hand on the computer…you just have to stay tuned! (Click here to subscribe to her channel.)

What inspired you to start creating makeup tutorials?

Hillary: I have wanted to start a YouTube channel for quite a while now. Over the years, people would ask me for tips and tricks, product favorites, my opinion on certain brands or products; it made me feel like an expert! So as my 2015 New Year’s resolution, I told myself to just “do it,” and start the channel. And I can tell you, this has been the only New Year’s resolution that I have kept in my 27 years of existence. Makeup has always been a passion of mine, so it’s great to see my dream come alive.

How do you make your YouTube tutorials?

Hillary: I write down all of my “dream videos” on a Post-It note, or ideas that I come up with, and cross it off one at a time. I think of tutorials that would benefit my viewers, ones that are super easy and simple and that you can recreate. I then gather the products, set up my equipment (I am in the running for new lighting!) and then record. Recording can take an hour or so. Later, I edit the clips together, add music and effects, voice record, then process. I taught myself to edit, and that was a great learning experience. My first video took me 8+ hours to edit. Now, it takes under an hour. If anything, I am also learning as I go!


What do you hope the future holds for Haute Hills?

Hillary: Right now, I am coming up with creative ideas and trying to set myself apart from the YouTube pack. I am trying to figure out how to grow the channel and always put out the best possible content. I am also trying to be more active on social media sites, as a way to grow the channel. I am always open to ideas and suggestions, so send them my way!

How did you become such a wonderful makeup artist?

Hillary: I have always had a creative eye and a love for makeup. I love color and experimenting with different looks. And in all honesty, I love going bold, mostly with my lip colors. If you would have asked me a year ago to put on lipstick, I would have laughed. Now, I absolutely love lipstick and could buy every color! Over the years, I rallied friends, sisters and the like and “borrowed their face” to test out my skills. Practice makes perfect!

What tips do you have for ladies (like myself) who know only the basics about makeup application but would like to become more adventurous with their makeup application?

Hillary: My advice is to take baby steps. Makeup is NOT scary or intimidating, in fact, I find it fun and a way to enhance your already beautiful features. If you’re looking to become more adventurous, purchase a bold lip color. The drugstore has great ones! I am a big lover of red lipstick, so start there! Red lipstick gives a very retro, 1950s classic vibe which I love. Not to mention, when worn it makes your teeth appear whiter. Take a leap, take a chance, and invest in a bold lip color.

What are 5 makeup products you could not live without?

*A good foundation primer (I currently love NYX’s Shine Killer primer)
*A red lipstick
*An eyelash curler (love the one by e.l.f. found at Target for a buck!)
*Anastasia’s Dip Brow in soft brown for my brows (swear by this stuff)
*Eye makeup remover pads (I like the moisturizing Almay brand)

When it comes to makeup, do you think “you get what you pay for?” Or are there inexpensive makeup products that are just as good as their expensive counterparts?

Hillary: For certain products I will splurge, but honestly, you can find quality products at the drugstore. For me, it’s all about experimentation. I could spend $16 on a lipstick from MAC but I could also pay under 3 bucks for a lipstick at the drugstore and love them both the same. I have tried certain drugstore liquid foundations and hated them, I have tried high end powder foundations and hated them. Same with mascara, I have found great drugstore brands and great higher end products. Honestly, it’s all about experimenting and see what looks best on your skin AND what is best for your skin. I have acne prone skin, so I tend to stick to products that are oil-free. Some products make me break out. I love finding quality and affordable products to share with my viewers. I think it is important to show products that are great and won’t break the bank.

Do you stick to just online makeup tutorials, or can people also get in-person consults/makeup application from you?

Hillary: I do offer in-person consults and makeup application lessons. If you are interested, feel free to shoot me an email at [email protected] to set something up! I would be more than happy to talk about different looks, the basics, what looks best with skin tones, etc. The options are endless!

Can you tell me a little about your blog, Haute Hills?

Hillary: The blog currently features my makeup videos, a link to them, and my thought process behind each video/why I made it. In terms of the name, most of my friends call me Hill or Hills. Haute has been one of my favorite words, which means “fashionably elegant.” I would like to think that the content I put out is just that! Hoping to grow the blog in the near future and have more consistent posts.

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You also have a photography business, Hk Photography? What kind of services do you provide?

Hillary: I have been doing my photography side business for about four years now. I offer services for senior portraits, engagement, family photos, and maternity.

What has been your favorite shoot you have done, thus far?

Hillary: My favorite shoot was actually through my job as a television producer. I was asked to be the photographer for Packers’ Family night this summer. I had the opportunity to wander outside of Lambeau Field and take pictures of fans prior to the game and I had the chance to be on the sidelines and shoot pictures of the event. It was such a great experience! But honestly, I love every single shoot I have; I feel important creating long-lasting memories.

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How can people get in contact with you if they would like to book a shoot?

Hillary: Find me on Facebook! The page is Hk photography, otherwise friend me on Facebook at Hillary Kline. I would love to photograph your important life moments!

How do you find the time to run a blog, YouTube channel, photography business and work in news?

Hillary: Sometimes, I wonder this myself! It is definitely a balancing act and time management skills. I typically record my makeup tutorials before work and edit after work before I slumber. I schedule my photography shoots on weekends before work and try to be as flexible as possible. It is definitely not easy, but I somehow make it all work!

What advice do you have for someone who would like to start their own business, whether it be photography, blogging or a YouTube channel?

Hillary: The best advice I can give in regards to starting something new, is to find that passion and go with it. Take the leap, a chance, a risk, and just run with it. You never know where it can take you!

You can see more of Hillary’s work by subscribing to her YouTube Channel: Haute Hills. You can also follow her blog by clicking here!

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