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Hillary Kline of “inKLINEd to say”


Meet Hillary Kline! She’s this month’s Featured Fashionista and one of the most accomplished ladies I know. Not only does she have a successful career in PR, she’s also a talented event personality whose work has also appeared in the likes of The New York Times, Forbes, Marie Claire and more! AND she runs her own blog, “inKLINEd to say.” (Click here to check it out!) Oh, and in her spare time, Hillary is also an incredible, freelance makeup artist. Isn’t she amazing? (And when does she sleep??)

Some of you may recognize Hillary, she was featured on my blog a couple years ago, here. However, so much has changed with Hillary since then, we thought it would be fun to update that interview! Hillary also wrote an awesome guest post for Have Clothes, Will Travel a few weeks ago called “The Top 5 Makeup Tools You Should Have in Your Makeup Bag.”

Hillary and I actually know each other in real life too. We had met back when we both worked for a television news station In Green Bay, Wisconsin. (Hillary was a producer for the nightly newscast and I was a producer for the morning show.) I’m so glad our paths crossed and I’ve been able to watch Hillary’s success over the years! From the red carpet to even the Super Bowl, Hillary is taking the world by storm! Check out more about her and her accomplishments in her Q&A, below! (And click here to check out her website.)

Q&A With Hillary

Tell me a little about yourself.

Hillary: I am currently living and working in Minneapolis and have been here for the last three years (time sure does fly!). Prior to that, I was working in Green Bay as a television news producer. When I’m not busy working, I love binge-watching game shows and 90s sitcoms (however, I am currently addicted to cooking shows on Netflix), mural hunting around the Twin Cities, going for walks around Lake Calhoun while blasting music into my oversized headphones, and finding the perfect red lipstick (I am still on the quest!)


This isn’t the first time you’ve been on Have Clothes, Will Travel! Welcome back! Can you tell us a little about what has changed since you were last featured?

Hillary: Thanks so much for having me back – always a pleasure! Since the last time I was featured, I have been working in the travel industry doing PR work, I am a freelance makeup artist, and am an event personality and event correspondent around the Twin Cities and beyond. I’ve been able to do makeup for fashion shows, commercials, editorial, weddings and more. I’ve been able to cover exciting events such as Super Bowl festivities, red carpet events, interview big names like actor Kevin Hart, and more. I flew out to LA in January and had an audition with E! News for their show “Daily Pop” – that was exciting, as it was my first interview ever! I’ve always been the type of person that keeps super busy. Like Lucille Ball says, “I’d rather regret the things I’ve done than regret the things I haven’t done.” I am always on the hunt for the next big event or red carpet to cover, always networking and seeing how I can build collaborative relationships. But most importantly, I am chasing a dream while juggling ten million other things. Tiring? Sure. Worth it? Absolutely.

interviewing photo

Wow, being an event personality is so exciting! Can you explain a little bit about what a typical event looks like for you?

Hillary: It sounds cliché but I will say it anyway – no two events are alike! Every single event is different, and I love that! I could be covering the Minnesota Twins home opener one day, or I could be wearing a fancy dress on a red carpet the next; it really depends! What I really love about doing this, is the fact that I can be flexible and adaptable in any environment I am placed in. Not every event has a red carpet, and that’s totally cool – I adjust. I typically start by researching the event ahead of time and seeing if there are any key players I need to talk to, what the event is about, the cause, etc. I then tailor my questions to the event but also mix in some fun and quirky questions (if you watch my videos, you will see that I love to keep things light and fun!) Then, at the actual event – I just make sure that whomever I am interviewing feels comfortable and confident; some people get super intimidated by a camera and I totally get it – but it’s my job to loosen ‘em up and reassure them that it’s all in good fun. You’ll find me telling a joke, busting a dance move, singing, or just being my quirky random self. I think that life can sometimes be challenging and hard at times and there’s a lot of doom and gloom, so if I can, just for a few minutes, make someone smile or laugh – I’ve done my job.

How did you get started in being an event personality?

Hillary: I have a journalism background and wanted to be a reporter; I went to college for it. However, I found myself working as a TV news producer for almost five years out of college and let me tell you, that taught me so much about myself, the journalism world, and the production side of things. Having that job really opened my eyes and comes into play whenever I cover an event in the Twin Cities and beyond. I know how to get good soundbites and ask questions that don’t warrant just a “yes” or a “no.” I work with the videographer to talk about what video (b-roll) we should get. Everything comes together! When I moved to the Twin Cities, I started covering a few events. A few months before the Super Bowl, I was pitching myself to multiple outlets and even made some national contacts at the Today Show, Ellen, Good Morning America and more. The power of networking is a REAL thing! I still get to chase my dream of doing on-camera work, whether that’s me doing a segment on a lifestyle show, covering an event, or interviewing fans at a sporting event; there are so many great events (and a variety) in the Twin Cities. However, one of my more loftier goals is to cover events and red carpets beyond the state of Minnesota – perhaps that will happen soon?!?

What has been your favorite event you’ve hosted so far?

Hillary: There are so many great events that I’ve had the opportunity to cover, or host or emcee. I cannot narrow it down to just one, so I will tell you my top three. I loved being the emcee for NBC’s Days of our Lives Fan Event at Mall of America last summer. I had the chance to be behind the scenes and hang out with some of the cast and introduce them at the MOA event – there were more than 1,500 people! That moment was surreal for me. Other events: I love going to the Starkey Hearing Foundation Gala each year (I’ve done it twice and am hoping to go to it again this summer). This event is not only for charity and brings to light hearing loss, but I’ve had the chance to interview some interesting folks such as: Jay Leno, Kevin Sorbo, Daymond John, Maddie & Tae, Trent Harmon, and more. Another favorite event, which was recent, was when I emceed the Make-a-Wish Minnesota Wish Bash. The foundation is so great and giving, that it was exciting to be apart of something so special.

How can someone book you if they’re interested in having you host an event?

Hillary: Absolutely! Just head to my website and send me a message there, OR you can directly email me at [email protected]

And being an event personality is just one of your many accomplishments this past year! You’ve also had articles appear in The New York Times, Buzzfeed, Forbes, Marie Claire and more! Which article are you most proud of?

Hillary: Oh goodness, that is a really good question! My beauty tips, tricks and recommendations have appeared in so many different publications, that it’s hard to choose just one. I think being quoted in The New York Times really tops it. How that came about, is a fun story. I was on Twitter one day, and the journalist was looking to talk to someone who follows male beauty bloggers. I responded, we had a long phone conversation and connected. Social media is a connector, I swear!

You are one of the most talented makeup artists I know as well! What is your top makeup tip + 1 product you absolutely can’t live without?

Hillary: You are so sweet, thank you! These are such tough questions because I have so many products that I use and love and have been using for years. One of the products I absolutely cannot live without is a drying lotion for when I have the occasional breakout. I love this one by Mario Badescu. This product has saved me on more than one occasion. I’ve broken out before big events or on-air television appearances; put a little bit of the mixture on a Q-tip and the zit will drastically go down in size. It has been a game changer and one of my favorites that I have one at home and one at my desk (enjoy the visual because YES, I have worn zit cream at my desk in the office). My biggest makeup tip is to take care of your skin first, and makeup second. Go get a facial. Treat yourself to some sort of facial service. Do your research on different skincare lines and find one that works best for you, your skin type, and your budget. I will say, skincare makes a world of difference. Your makeup will look so much better if you have a proper skincare regimen.

Do you still do makeup tutorials and freelance makeup artistry?

Hillary: I don’t do as many makeup tutorials as I would like to, and thank you for inspiring and encouraging me to do more! Filming a tutorial does take a lot of prep work: from the concept/topic to the products, to stopping and starting filming, to lighting, to editing – it is a process! Lately, I have been doing more on-camera television appearances as a beauty expert. You can watch two of my most recent segments from my spots on Twin Cities Live and Local 5 Live. The staffs at each television station are always so friendly and kind to work with, and I cannot wait to do more of them! I do freelance makeup as well, with wedding season here it can be busy, but I am always accepting new clients. You can shoot me a message: [email protected]

AND you just launched a blog! You are one busy lady! What can readers expect to find on your blog?

Hillary: The blog is called “inKLINEd to say,” which is a play on my last name (I always love finding quirky and fun play-on-word things!) This blog and occasional vlog, features local and national celebrities and personalities, influencers, athletes, comedians, musicians, and more. My main focus is entertainment journalism as red carpets don’t come to Minneapolis all too often. I wanted to find a creative way to create content by featuring some of my favorite people in the Twin Cities and beyond who are making big moves and inspire me. I am pretty new to the blogging world and I am slowly learning the ropes of it all, but so far, it’s growing, along with my audience, and that is super exciting to see! I’ve always been a writer and lover of journalism, so I am excited to add the blogging element to my branding.

I have to ask too, as I know you ALSO work for a travel company (busy is an understatement for you, haha), what has been your favorite trip and why?

Hillary: Busy is definitely an understatement 99% of the time, haha! My mom asks me when I sleep (sometimes I run on barely any sleep and I know I need to change that!), but I do enjoy keeping busy, growing my brand, attending events and networking. I don’t go on a ton of work trips anymore, so I will tell you about a recent trip I personally went on with my mom. My mom has never been out of the country, so I spent months planning a trip for us to Italy.

We found super cheap flights out of Chicago, so of course, I was really excited to check Italy off of my bucket list. I read a ton of blogs, I talked to travel agents, I spent hours on the Internet reading tips and reviews – I wanted to know all of the ins-and-outs of Italy, where we should visit and eat and shop. We went to Florence, Rome and Venice. We explored, drank wine, ate tons of pizza and pasta and gelato and made lifelong memories. When you can do that and say that you’ve got those memories with your mom – that’s priceless. She’s already wanting to go on another adventure, so I am sure we will plan one soon!

After 3 years of working for a travel company, what would you say is the best travel tip you’ve learned from working in the industry?

Hillary: Pack light when you can! I’ll never forget this story that I just have to share with you all – last year, I was running late for my flight from Minneapolis to Orlando for a week-long work conference. I was speeding (gasp) and in a construction zone and got pulled over by a lovely cop. I got my first speeding ticket at the tender age of 30! I was even MORE late getting to the airport, and my luggage was super overweight. Of course, had to pay extra, and I barely made my flight after going through security. Had the work trip been shorter, I definitely would have packed less, but sometimes, a gal can never have enough shoes or makeup or clothing options (am I right!?). But seriously, pack light.

Last but not least, where can my readers find you?

Hillary: You can find me all over the place! Website. Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. YouTube. I LOVE making new social media pals and use Instagram the most, so be sure to connect with me there!

*Also, check out Hillary’s showreel below!


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