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Most Amazing Pieces of Fashion to Bring Home from Around the World

One of the best parts of traveling around the world is getting to see a different culture, experience different climates, and bring home some of the knowledge acquired. When traveling around the world, most people like to bring home pieces that are significant to various places as a souvenir. Below are some fantastic pieces of fashion to bring home from such travels that you will have forever when it’s safe again to travel!

Most Amazing Pieces of Fashion to Bring Home from Around the World

Written by Mary Johnson

Italian Leather

If you happen to be on a trip to Italy, you should make sure not to leave without an Italian leather bag. Italian leather is hands down the best leather around and famous for its durability and beauty, need I say more?

If you are looking for some amazing bags from the land of art and pasta, try finding some luck online. For example, head to sites like Mirta.com to find some of the most gorgeous made in Italy handbags, all done by the hands of talented leather artisans. This may not be you going to Italy, but rather bringing Italy to your doorstep until it’s safe to go.

French lace

French Lace

French lace is one of the thickest types of laces in the fashion world. The lace consists of smaller holes which contribute to the thickness. It can be used to manufacture different types of luxury garments, this is the reason why French lace is so famous, and oh so very expensive.

You can weave your way in and out of shops, ooing and awing at French Leavers Lace, along with many other types. If you find yourself in Paris, you can hunt down some of the suppliers of Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent and see the most beautiful laces in all of France.


Brazilian Bikinis

Brazilian bikinis captured the attention of the fashion world after the introduction of the Brazilian fio dental. It is a thong-style bikini that originated in Brazil and is currently one of the top swimwear styles of the fashion world. Brazil is also famous for its beachwear, hence the name “Brazilian Bikini”, especially when talking about women’s swimwear.

Their culture is all about celebrating women and men, and confidence in our bodies. It’s quite normal to see women and men in the teeniest bikini’s, but while you are there, hit the markets and find yourself that perfect, authentic Brazilian Bikini.

West Coast Easy T-Shirts

There is quite a difference between East and West coast styles. Both parts of the country have unique tastes and techniques in clothing. However, each part has a particular advantage over the other. One of the best fashion aspects of the West Coast lies in their California cool t-shirts.

Residents of the west coast like to pair their t-shirts with everything, including slip skirts, yoga pants, the possibilities are endless. Comfort and ease are key for them, so in Los Angeles, you can find the most comfortable t-shirts in the US!

Indian Pashminas

Indian Pashminas

An Indian pashmina is a shawl made using high-grade cashmere wool. It is usually hand-woven and spun using the fleece of four types of breeds of goats sourced from different parts of the Kashmir region. There are two types of Indian pashminas in the market. They are Kashmiri and Nepal pashmina.

One factor that no one in the world can contest is that Indian Pashmina shawls are the best quality shawls in the world and are usually very intricately beaded.

When visiting these countries, you should make sure you pick up these pieces as souvenirs. They will remind you of the fun you had on your trip and are also highly desired items in almost all regions of the planet.

Most Amazing Pieces of Fashion to Bring Home from Around the World


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