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My Most Popular & Least Popular Blog Posts of 2018

Another year has come to an end! I hope you all had a wonderful 2018 and an even more wonderful 2019. Thank you so much for following Have Clothes, Will Travel through this year – I appreciate each and every one of you taking time out of your days to read my posts.

And as I did last year and the year before, I put together this post to show which of my blog posts were hits and which were flops this year. This will be a list of the posts that had the most page views in 2018, and I’m also going to share my least popular ones. (3 least popular & 10 for the most popular.)

I’m only going to be including the posts I personally wrote on this blog, and I’m not limiting the popular posts to when they were published…some of these posts were some of my very first posts on this blog that just took off! It’s always fun to compare these numbers at the end of the year. This year was especially interesting because it’s the first year that the majority of my top posts are travel posts and not outfit posts. That’s actually exciting for me, as I really enjoy writing the travel posts and really hope they help others with planning their trips (or just inspire some good ole wanderlust)!

So, without further ado, here’s my popularity list of 2018, starting with the least viewed.

Least Popular Blog Posts of 2018

3.) How to Spend 2 Days in Queenstown, New Zealand

Queenstown, new zealand

I’m totally OK with this post not having that many views! I’ll take it as that means most folks have more than 2 days to spend in Queenstown. 😉 And thank goodmess for that! Queenstown is incredible.

Click here to see this post.

2.) Here’s What to Expect Before Taking the Green Tour in Cappadocia, Turkey with New Goreme Tours

green tour

Unless you’re heading to Cappadocia, Turkey in the near future, this blog post wasn’t entirely relevant to anyone else. So, I understand why it’s not up there too high yet. (And it’s only been published for about a month and a half, so hopefully, it’ll pick up steam next year.) However, it was my favorite day in Cappadocia! There are so many cool things to see on this day trip.

Click here if you missed this post.

1.) Return of the Beret

This is another one that was published not long ago but hasn’t garnered too many views yet – making it my least popular post of 2018. Ah, well! You can’t win them all! 🙂

Click here if you missed this post.

Most Popular Blog Posts of 2018

10.) We Bought a House!

New house

Holy smokes! This feels like a lifetime ago! We bought our first house this year….and then moved to Russia, as you do. I’m really happy we were able to spend some time at our home over the holidays. It was wonderful to have our own tree this year (thanks to our parents for surprising us with that!) and our own bed to sleep in!

Click here to see this blog post.

9.) 10 Gift Ideas for the Person Who Has Everything


I’m not going to lie, I’m kind of surprised this one is on here. I know it had decent traffic when I initially published it (in 2017), but I didn’t realize just how much it must have been viewed throughout this year. Cool!

Click here to see this post.

8.) A First-Timer’s Guide to Parasailing

parasailing Myrtle Beach
This is another blog post that I didn’t expect to see on here, but I’m delighted it is! That’s awesome so many people are interested in parasailing!

Click here to read this post.

7.) Staying at the Treehouse Lodge in Peru’s Amazon Rainforest

Spending a vacation in a treehouse in the Amazon Rainforest is an adventure I’ll never forget. And I’m not too surprised this one made its way to the top. But I am glad so many people were interested in this blog post! It was one of my favorites I’ve ever put together for the blog.

Click here to see it if you missed it.

6.) Alpaca Clothing Shopping Tips for Cusco, Peru + What I Wore

Alpaca clothing is the thing to buy in Cusco! I hope there are lots of people getting some nice sweaters now after reading this post. Thank you for reading everyone!

Click here to read this post.

5.) How to Spend 10 Days in Argentina – The Ultimate Itinerary

I’m not only delighted so many people are reading this post – I’m really excited how many people are actually emailing me for info before they go to Argentina. Keep the questions coming, folks! I’m so excited there’s so much interest in visiting Argentina!!

Click here to see this post.

4.) My Experience With Novalash Eyelash Extensions

Ah, Novalash, this one has been reigning in my “top blog posts” list for 3 years straight now! Eyelash extensions are a hot topic no matter what year it is, I guess. (I kind of want them again, myself. It’s nice looking like you have makeup on all the time! Haha.)

Click here to see this post.

3.) How to Spend 10 Days in Peru – The Ultimate Itinerary

Yesss! Likewise! So excited people are interested in going to Peru! Go, go, go! This is one of my favorite countries I’ve ever visited. Buen viaje amigos!

Click here to read this post.

2.) 10 Quirky Things to Do in New Orleans

Lafayette Cemetery No. 1

The reigning number 2 champ for 2 years running! That’s so exciting! I hope everyone is having a lovely time in NOLA!

Click here to read this post.

1.) 15 Online Stores Similar to ModCloth

Ah, and sadly, this one is still number one. I LOVE ModCloth, however, having some alternative websites is nice not just for variety, but because of GDPR regulations Modcloth is not available in the European Union. (I’ve also been asked a lot why I can still order ModCloth then – and to answer that question, Russia is not part of the EU.) Also, this brings up a whole other can of worms. If anyone is ever interested in learning more about what GDPR means, and why some businesses are not “compliant.” I’m really thinking about writing a blog post about it…

Click here to read this post.

Were there any posts on this list that surprised you? Let me know in the comments!

Have Clothes, Will Travel Most Popular & Least Popular Blog posts of 2018



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  1. OMG it’s was perfect year for you both dear- so many great travels, new house, new experiences – Awesome. Wish you all the best in 2019 xx

  2. Hello Lindsay
    I read your Bunker 42 blog article as we were hoping to find info on it as a tour before we leave Russia. What a surprise when we looked at the photos and realised that we had spent New Year’s Eve with you on the boat trip! Thank you for a lovely evening but more importantly for the great advice on the bunker! Sharon

    1. Hi, Sharon! Oh my gosh, that is too funny. You just made my whole week! Thank you so very much. I am so glad the Bunker 42 article was useful for you. It was wonderful ringing in the New Year with you! Enjoy the rest of your time in Russia. 🙂

  3. Happy 2019! I love that you reflected on most viewed and least viewed posts. It’s been such a pleasure getting to follow you in 2018. I always love your content. 🙂 It’s so surprising sometimes to see what is very popular and what isn’t for me. Great idea.

  4. I am SO surprised the beret blog is in the bottom 3! I am so blaming the timing as it was recently shared and around the holidays. It was SUCH a cute outfit!!!

    1. Haha! Hopefully, it’ll pick up some steam at a later time. And thank you so much, Sara! 🙂

  5. It’s often surprising which of our posts are popular and which aren’t. Sometimes that has more to do with the audience we have than ourselves. Different readers have different preferences. Some bloggers cater/pander to their readers once they realize which subjects get traction but I don’t; my blog is for me, not them. So even if something important to me isn’t a crowd-pleaser, it’ll go up. Pleasing the crowd is not my goal, fulfilling my soul is.

    I like your blog. It’s honest, diverse and colorful. Best wishes for a Happy New Year!

    1. Aw, thank you! That is a great attitude. And sorry if there is any confusion, I’m not upset about the least popular posts. I’ve found that many of them do well in their own right at a later time. 🙂 I just think it’s interesting to look back and share with my readers as well.

  6. I think the travel ones are always so interesting Lindsey. Even if I’m not going to go there, it’s amazing to see what you’ve found!!
    What a great way to look back at the year..it’s funny how some things resonate with others!!

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