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My 1st Online Order Horror Story

**UPDATE: This issue has been resolved! MakemeChic was a dream to work with regarding this issue, and the cleaners were able to remove the stain! I have been fully reimbursed for all damages. Click here for more details.

red coat

red coat

makemechic red coat

red coat

I have never been so mad about an online order in my life, until now. It might have been a better idea for me to sleep on this post before I published it…but I think getting my emotions out on here, regarding this situation, will be beneficial.

The evil online purchase in question is the red coat pictured above. It looked great on Makemechic’s website, and it even looks pretty good in person. It’s quite soft and comfortable. I had planned to write a good review on it… until I happened to look down at my beautiful, white Kate Spade purse and see the straps were dyed PINK from touching the sleeves of this coat. The coat wasn’t even wet!! Could you imagine what sort of horror would have unfolded had I been caught in a rainstorm wearing this coat?!

makemechic stained my purse

makemechic stained my purse

After I noticed that, I then proceeded to freak out and frantically wipe my purse with a cloth and soap and water. No such luck in doing anything to remove the stains. I then called the Kate Spade store I bought it from. They suggested using alcohol-free baby wipes to try and clean it. That might have worked a little bit, but it’s still quite pink, as you can see in the photo above. And all shoe and leather repair stores are closed for the day. (Everything closes at 5 around here – it drives me nuts!) So, I’ll have to wait until morning to speak with someone about how much it would cost to have it professionally cleaned. I’m sure after I get that estimate I’ll be even more upset.

So, if anyone has any magical dye removing from leather tricks they would like to share, please let me know in the comments! And unless you only wear black clothes and only use black accessories, for the love of god, do not order this red faux-suede coat from Makemechic. I have linked to a similar coat from a reputable designer below that would be much better to order than this one (if you happen to like this look).

*On a side note, until this particular incident, I had wonderful luck with my orders from Makemechic, so I do feel a bit betrayed and sad that this was such a poor (and now costly) piece from them. In all honesty, I should have been more cautious with using a cheap coat with my nice handbag, but given my past success with Makemechic, I hadn’t been worried about the quality (until now). I have reached out to Makemechic regarding this incident and am still waiting for a reply (and don’t expect one for awhile as they are on holiday for the Chinese New Year). I will update once I receive word from them.

Where to find it:

Coat: c/o* Makemechic (But for god sakes, don’t buy it! Try this one instead.)
Dress: c/o* ModCloth
Heels: Old (similar here)
(Ruined) Purse: Kate Spade (similar)
Sunglasses: Quay

**Oh, and I’ll be talking about my recent trip to Cairns in my next post a bit – I was too mad to chat about it today. Sorry!

*c/o = courtesy of, meaning the company gave me the product to be used on my blog, and I did not pay for it. All opinions are my own, and I am not being compensated for a positive review.


  1. WHAT!? Oh man, here I was sobbing over the fact that my Bernie Dexter red gingham dress ran on itself in the wash (thankfully, washing it again with a color catcher did the trick!) and here you are with a ruined purse!! ARGH! I so do want to know what the company comes back with once they return from holiday. How frustrating! It’s so true, you can’t just pop a coat into the wash to prevent this – why would you think you’d need to??

    1. Oh no! I’m so sorry to hear that happened to your dress! But thank goodness you were able to fix it! I did take it to a cleaner and hopefully (fingers crossed) they’ll be able to get the stain out. I’m looking forward to hearing what that company has to say regarding the issue, we shall see. 🙂

  2. OHHHH, I am so sorry, Lindsey! I wish I had some advice but I don’t have white bags so I don’t know how to clean the pink stain. I am so sorry:-((( I would be pretty angry if that happened to me. Can’t the online store pay for ruining your handbag? That is so annoying!


  3. Wow…I would have never thought about the red rubbing off—on anything…..ugh!
    It does look pretty. I don’t know any good tricks to get the red off your leather, but you might wash the coat (by itself) to stop the bleeding so it doesn’t bleed on anything else?

    1. At least it wasn’t just me who didn’t think that would happen! It is too bad because it is a really pretty and comfy coat. I’m a bit nervous to wear it again, though. (Even if I do wash it…but we’ll see!) Thank you, Jodie! 🙂

  4. Oh no, dear Lindsey! I am so sorry about that, I don’t have any suggestion on how to clean it… but I hope you get it well cleaned soon! It is really very annoying and costly, for sure and I am sorry for that – the coat looks nice and your outfit with the red color is great. I can understand why you feel betrayed and I really hope that soon you can solve all this ordeal. Yes, imagine in the rain! I am shocked at what happened and the coat’s quality! Hope you can fix it soon! Hugs!

  5. Wow that is terrible, so sad to hear about this situation. I hope it gets better. I agree its frustrating that everything closes at 5pm but I’ve never lived anywhere else so it seems normal. My favourite part of your outfit is the shoes, looks so classic!

    1. Thank you! I took it to cleaner this afternoon and will find out in the morning whether or not it can be saved. And oh yes, having only ever lived in the US and Japan..having everything close at 5 p.m. was shocking! Haha. I’m used to businesses, like dry cleaners, being open well after business hours. And thank you – these shoes get so much use! 🙂

  6. Good heavens, this is such an upsetting story! I remember how excited you were for that purse and I’m so sorry it got stained. My fingers are crossed that your dry-cleaner will be able to fix it, or the company will comoensate you.

    Sending you hugs from the other side of the world <3.


  7. Oh dear! So sorry to hear about this! I don’t have any ideas on how to get the stain off, but I wish you luck. The coat is beautiful though if that is any consolation.

  8. Horrible! I hope you are able to get your beautiful purse back to normal for a reasonable cost. I’d email Makemechic about this and hopefully they will do something.

    Non-outerwear yes you could expect color transfer, hence why you need to wash before wearing. But a jacket? Most jackets aren’t even washable and it’s not realistic to have it dry cleaned before wearing.

    Good luck!

    1. Thank you, Nicole! I did email Makemechic..but they’re on holiday for the Chinese New Year, so, I’ll be waiting a bit until they are back in office sometime next week. And yes!! I always wash my clothes before I wear them…but it never even crossed my mind that a jacket would do this. I had honestly debated taking it in with my other dry cleaning last week and decided against it because I was able to get the wrinkles out of it by steaming it myself. Coats are just too darn expensive to clean on a whim. But gosh darn it, that would’ve saved me some heartache!

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