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New Have Clothes, Will Travel App + Links à la Mode

grey trench coat

It’s funny that this week’s outfit post selected to be featured on Links à la Mode is actually the same outfit as what I had worn in yesterday’s “Skywalk” post. Yep, my “Seasonally Confused” outfit is what I had on to do the “Skywalk.” As you can see, I was not even a little prepared for what that all entailed! Haha. (Click here to see yesterday’s Skywalk post if you missed it.) And if you’re wondering, I’m still seasonally confused, haha. Especially since it has felt like fall here the past few days..brrr.

Have Clothes, Will Travel app
Have Clothes, Will Travel Google Play App Store image!

I also wanted to give a quick shoutout to the new Have Clothes, Will Travel app that’s available on the Google Play App Store! There were a few technical updates made to it that should make it run smoother and quicker for you. (Click here to download it, if you’re interested!)

*Also, if any other bloggers are interested in turning their blogs into an app, let me know in the comments or send me an email at [email protected] (or click here). I can give you the lowdown on how it works and why it won’t cost you or your readers a thing.

That should do it for today…no washing machine floods or major life changes to announce at the moment (although, I do have a fun giveaway coming up tomorrow)! Enjoy all these fabulous posts!

Links à la Mode, October 20th


  1. Congrats on another feature and on the app! Seriously too cool. I know in PA sometimes the spring can still be chilly, which I hate lol, but its cool to know that happens in other places as well.


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