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NatureBox Review & Giveaway


*This post also has a giveaway! Be sure to enter at the end of this post!

If you’re looking for a last-minute Easter basket idea for a special someone in your life – I’ve found the solution! I can assure you that getting your loved one a box of NatureBox goodies would be a hit! (And my family members agree with this!)

What is NatureBox?

Naturebox is a wholesale, members-only club where you can save up to 40% off on all of their snacks. After the first month, Naturebox is $5 per month and that $5 will be credited towards your first purchase every month. Unused credits get rolled over (but they do expire after 12 months).

They also promise with their products:

*No artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners
*No corn syrup of any kind
*No hydrogenated oils


My Thoughts on NatureBox?

This is the first “club” or subscription service I’ve tried since those monthly CD subscriptions that used to be cool about 15 years ago. Haha. I’m always a bit skeptical of stuff like this. However, I do have to say, I LOVED their products.

The sweet jalapeno beef jerky and hickory smoked turkey jerky were the biggest hits for us! My husband and stepdad and even my mom couldn’t wait to give these a try. And everyone agreed, they were really tasty.

The favorites for me, though, were the Sriracha Cashews. These had just enough of a kick to them, but they weren’t overly spicy.

Sriracha cashews Naturebox

The dark cocoa nom noms were a close second for me too. These were a filling little snack that was NOT chocked full of sugar and artificial sweeteners, so I didn’t feel bad about having a few throughout the day.

The dark coco nom noms

Speaking of less sugar and no artificial sweeteners, I also enjoyed the fruit rollups! My husband thought they should have more sugar, though, haha. My little cousins also appreciated the collectible cards they came with that had fun facts from all over the world.


So, you want to try NatureBox? I’m excited that they’ll be giving one Have Clothes, Will Travel reader a free lifetime membership + free shipping on their first order + a $50 credit!! Just enter in the widget below.

Free lifetime membership + a $50 credit to NatureBox

*Click here to check out the NatureBox website.

*Quick note for my regular readers – I’m heading on a road trip with my in laws to Myrtle Beach today! I’m so excited! I’ll be there until next Friday. The blog will still be going as usual, but if you’d like to follow along on my trip you can on Snapchat & Insta Stories. (There will likely be lots of photos with my cute little nephew, haha.)

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**Thank you to NatureBox for gifting me these products and hosting this giveaway. All opinions are my own, and I am not being compensated for a positive review.


  1. That all looks great! It’s nice to know they’re more wholesome than your average snacks as well.

  2. I think Mom and I would each love this bunches! Thank you for the chance and keep on travelin’

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