Steve Madden coat

Shop the look: Now that we are back in Wisconsin, my husband and I have been out and about visiting friends and family on a daily basis. It’s so nice to see everyone again! But I’m not going to lie, I have not exactly adjusted to the cold weather here. Haha. I was a bit more used to the mild, 70ish degree weather of New Jersey than I care to admit. So, my outfits have been consisting of sweaters, scarves,… Read more »

Closet skater dress 2

Shop the look: I had entirely too much fun taking these photos. Haha. There is nothing better than a twirly dress and privacy! This running trail is wonderfully quiet, and it’s the perfect spot for me to twirl around like a maniac by myself. However, every time I come to this wooded area to take photos, I always cause at least one dog to run away from its owner, so it can come and say hi to me…which I absolutely… Read more »

Shop the post: I’m continuing my theme from my last post, which is finding clothes you can picture yourself wearing 5 years from now. This outfit is primarily made up of clothes that are 5+ years old, as well. I have actually had this American Eagle sweater for longer than I could drive. That’s right, I’ve had this sweater since I was 15 years old…and it is still one of my favorite sweaters! I wear it every winter, and it… Read more »

Shop the look: Cardigans, boots and scarfs are staples once the chilly winds of fall set in. This fun peacock scarf and bright cardigan are a sure way to stand out and still be cozy. This peacock scarf from ModCloth is my favorite scarf at the moment. It’s very unique and can be worn with a plethora of outfits. I’ve styled it with everything from sweatshirts to dresses, and it works. The material is high quality but not too heavy…. Read more »

Shop the look: Sailing may not be one of my hobbies, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love wearing nautically inspired clothes! The nautical look has been popular for quite a while, and after browsing some of my favorite clothes stores (OK, mainly ModCloth) it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.