raccoon sweater

Shop the look:   How can you ever have a bad day, when you’re wearing a cute critter sweater? They always make me smile! Every time I wear this charming raccoon sweater, I’m reminded that I should probably have more of these novelty sweaters in my wardrobe. Fortunately, Sugarhill Boutique has no shortage of these critter sweaters (or jumpers, whatever you want to call them). And I love this sweater not just because of the cute little raccoon, but also… Read more »

Modcloth skirt

Shop the look: The title of this outfit post makes it sound as though I went hiking through the African Safari or bungee jumping off a cliff. Which is a bit misleading, I will admit. In reality, I just went and had a beer and some pizza and then finally went to see Jurassic World (and absolutely loved it!). But this outfit does, for some reason, make me feel as though I could go hiking through the desert or rock… Read more »