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Top 12 Family-Friendly Halloween Activities for a Spooktacular Time

Get ready to embrace the enchanting and eerie spirit of Halloween with your loved ones! As the season of pumpkins, costumes, and candy approaches, we’ve curated a list of the ‘Top 12 Family-Friendly Halloween Activities’ that promise a spooktacular time for all. From thrilling pumpkin carving sessions to ghostly movie nights, these delightful and safe activities will ensure your family has a memorable, fun-filled Halloween adventure. So, grab your broomsticks, put on your best costumes, and let’s dive into a world of wholesome Halloween excitement!

1. Carving Pumpkins

Cropped shot of female carving large orange pumpkin for Halloween party while sitting at wooden table at home, making scary face on jack-o-lantern with knife to set the mood for trick-or-treaters
Photo credit: Evgeny Atamanenko // Shutterstock.com

Carving pumpkins is a common yet exciting activity. Get get to gather your family and cut jack-o’-lanterns. This activity originated in Ireland. For early canvasses, large potatoes and turnips were used. 

2. Make Your Front Yard Spooky

The house is decorated for Halloween: Huge black spiders crawl around the house, and on the path there is a resting human skeleton with the dog's skeleton.. Night, Houston, Texas, United States
Photo credit: IrinaK // Shutterstock.com

With your family, you can give your yard a spooky touch by hanging cobwebs around your front porch and tree. Add some fake spiders and bats. You could also hang some string lights for a more festive look.

3. Haunted House

Night Halloween house outdoor decorations with glowing inflatable pumpkins and ghosts purple lights and orange garlands
Photo credit: Summer_Wind // Shutterstock.com

Haunted houses are one of the scariest activities of Halloween, yet people enjoy it most. You can create a haunted house in the garage or living room, using fun decor and creepy props.

4. Watch Movies and Make Spooky Food

Group of friend watching scary movie at home
Photo credit: bbernard // Shutterstock.com

Watching scary movies with your family is always fun. You can add more spice by making spooky food for the Halloween appetizers. Watching classic Halloween movies with your family and trying Halloween-themed food is the best activity.

5. Trick or Treating

Happy family celebrating Halloween! Young mom treats children with candy. Funny kids in carnival costumes.
Photo credit: Yuganov Konstantin // Shutterstock.com

Trick or treating is one of the most popular customs of Halloween for children and adults in many countries. On the 31st evening, people go house to house and ask for treats. For treats, usually, candy or sweets are given. 

6. Costume Contests

happy Halloween! a group of children in suits and with pumpkins in the home
Photo credit: Evgeny Atamanenko // Shutterstock.com

Pick up the phone and invite your family and friends over for a beautiful costume party. Set a prize for the best costume and serve food while the grim haunted house creaks with scary noises. Costumes and prizes are what make a party memorable and spectacular.

7. Scavenger Hunt

Group of kids with clipboards on scavenger hunt in nature at children's birthday party
Photo credit: Robert Kneschke // Shutterstock.com

Gather your closest friends in a circle to reveal the best Halloween-themed scavenger hunt in town. Place hints and small clues that lead to a bigger, more spectacular surprise at night’s end. Give your family members spooky roles to play.

8. Create AI Ghosts

horrified young man getting experience with vr device and covered up with duvet in front of foggy forest and flying ghosts
Photo credit: Brilliant Eye // Shutterstock.com

Mixing the traditional holidays with a slight modern outlook is always fun. You can create virtual ghosts and send scary emails to friends and family. Set up projectors and play a beyond-the-grave message to spice things up. Get creative with your costumes and makeup. Have fun, and stay safe!

9. Photo-Shoots

Mom, dad and daughter in costumes for holiday of halloween in dark decoration and with nice yellow light. Funny nice family during carnival in room. Mother, father and girl during funny photo shoot
Photo credit: KELENY // Shutterstock.com

Each event can turn into a great memory, and you can capture those moments. Hire a photographer for your Halloween events and get pictures that will last a long time. Save the happy and embarrassing moments for a happy recollection. Don’t forget to take selfies and group photos. Make sure to share them with friends and family. Have fun, and don’t forget to stay safe!

10. Drama and Fun

Young Asian Chinese girl with skeleton face make up. Make-up artist holding brush to paint mouth area. Skeleton design for chinese girl in Asia. Outdoor studio in the street. Drama competition.
Photo credit: Jeanette Virginia Goh // Shutterstock.com

Hire some actors or enact your favorite Halloween-themed play or movie. Dress up like your favorite characters and deliver a sinister performance that can be chilling and fun. Create your re-enactments of your favorite movies and alter the endings for an added twist. 

11. Bats and Slime

Waffle cone with green slime, skull and witch's broom on a purple background. Minimal halloween layout
Photo credit: Vladimir Sukhachev // Shutterstock.com

To add a little spice to your Halloween experience, make hot chocolate lava for some tasty treats and glow-in-the-dark slime. Turn off the lights to create a dungeon of spookiness. Make sure to add some red glow-in-the-dark bats to complete the look. Play some scary music to set the mood. 

12. Murder Mystery and Dance Parties

Happy people men and women mixed race dancing together on Halloween party
Photo credit: A Lot Of People // Shutterstock.com

The two most fun activities in the Halloween season are weird dances and intriguing murder mysteries. Combine both, creating the perfect story for a fun night. People can participate to find the culprit behind the murder and catch the criminal red-handed. Make sure to add some scary music and an atmosphere suspension.

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