10 of the Worst U.S. States To Visit According to Americans

Some states have been deemed less desirable than others, whether it’s due to a lack of attractions or cultural diversity, high cost of living, or just an overall creepy vibe. Let’s see what Americans have shared on an online platform discussion.

1. West Virginia

When discussing the worst state to visit in the U.S., one American didn’t hesitate to name West Virginia as their pick. This user couldn’t ignore the eerie and unsettling vibes they experienced while passing through certain parts of West Virginia.

2. Kansas

According to a blunt and opinionated resident in Kansas, their state is nothing more than a “drug-ridden ****hole with no hope and few job opportunities that don’t involve working yourself into an early grave.”

3. Oklahoma

For one American, Oklahoma is a vast emptiness that is disappointing to visit. After a four-hour drive through the state, they only came across the ruins of dilapidated houses in empty fields and a measly four towns. 

4. Florida

Some might think of Florida as a tourist paradise, but for some Americans, it’s the worst state to visit due to its reputation for strange happenings. From alligator attacks to bizarre news stories, Florida has become the butt of jokes and the epitome of weirdness.

5. New Mexico

According to a local, the worst state to visit is New Mexico, and they don’t mince words. It’s a “whole {expletive} scam” with high prices even at popular burger joints. The lack of attractions is disappointing, leaving only the sunsets as a redeeming quality, so the user joined the military to escape the state entirely.

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