12 of the Best Songs for Your Road Trip Playlist

Have Clothes, Will Travel

Let’s be real; a road trip without some epic tunes is like pizza without toppings – just plain wrong! And lucky for you, the internet has recently been buzzing with some excellent song recommendations that are sure to kick your journey up a notch. So turn up the volume, and let’s hit the road.

The Proclaimers – “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)”

This song is perfect for those moments when you need a burst of energy to keep the journey going.

Toto – “Africa”

The opening piano chords of “Africa” are enough to transport you to a different place. It’s a classic road trip song you can’t leave out.

Kenny Loggins – “Danger Zone”

This song is a true classic and a must-have on any road trip playlist. The intense guitar riffs and upbeat tempo make it perfect for a high-speed drive or a long stretch of the open road.

Queen – “Don’t Stop Me Now”

This song is a classic feel-good tune that has become essential on any road trip playlist. The fast-paced piano chords and Freddie Mercury’s energetic vocals can make anyone feel alive and free.

Lindsey Buckingham – “Holiday Road”

This classic tune from the movie “National Lampoon’s Vacation” is the perfect addition to any road trip playlist. With its upbeat melody and catchy chorus, “Holiday Road” will have everyone in the car singing along and tapping their toes.

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