12 Dos and Don’ts to Know Before Visiting Japan, According to Locals

Have Clothes, Will Travel

As you embark on your global gallivanting escapades, remember this golden rule: what’s perfectly acceptable in one country might send the locals running for cover in another!

So, before you set sail on your voyage toward the land of the rising sun, let’s take a delightful detour through the delightful dos and don’ts of Japan. Buckle up because this rollercoaster ride of cultural enlightenment is about to begin!

1. Do Learn Some Greetings

It is important to study little phrases and words of greeting to break the ice with locals when visiting Japan.

2. Do Carry Cash

Carrying cash is one main tip for visiting Japan. Although Japan is a technological country, it does not always accept electronic payments at stores.

3. Do Visit Department Store Basement Food Courts

It is less common to know that the departmental stores have good food courts in their basements. These food courts are not only good in taste, but also can be budget-friendly.

4. Don’t Speak Loudly on Trains

Japan is very conscious of traveling ethics. You should not speak loudly on trains. Loud does not mean shouting; it is even one’s normal voice.

5. Don’t Eat/ Drink in the Streets

The inhabitants of this nation are quite conscientious about keeping their streets clean. The city of Kamakura has even banned drinking or dining on the streets.

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