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ol pejeta conservancy Baraka rhino who is blind
Africa | Kenya | Travel

20 Awesome Things to Do in Kenya for an Unforgettable Trip

Kenya is a treasure trove of natural wonders and is East Africa’s top travel safari destination. Looking at its dramatic calderas, highlands, and sun-soaked savannahs, it’s easy to see why. The country dazzles in both rural and urban adventures as you’ll have the most authentic safari and wildlife experience in one hand and exploring Nairobi’s…

"Clementine" sailboat Airbnb in Racine, Wisconsin.
North America | Travel | United States | Wisconsin

Staying on a Sailboat Airbnb in Wisconsin – What to Expect

Wondering what it’s like to stay on a sailboat Airbnb? This post will explain! I had stayed on a sailboat Airbnb in Racine, Wisconsin with my husband. The boat’s name is “Clementine” (boats all need a name!), and she’s a 29′ sailboat that is docked in the Reefpoint Marina. You may recognize Clementine from my…