10 Best Places to Shop for Environmentally Friendly or Non-Fast-Fashion Brands

Have Clothes, Will Travel

Someone recently asked a clothing forum about people’s favorite environmentally friendly and non-fast-fashion brands.

Here are ten of the most agreed-upon answers, which vary from thrifting brands that may sell recycled fast-fashion, saving those clothes from landfills, and brands that seek to sustainably create new items of clothing.


Patagonia has been one of the major brands focused on ethically made clothes for years and their good work has paid off as a lot of people expressed love for the brand and their ethically made outdoor apparel.


Wool& was noted as a great place “for everyday dresses.” One commenter went so far as to state “I LOVE how comfortable they are and they’re extremely versatile!”


One user expressed their love for notPERFECTLINEN in part because “they make clothing specifically to your measurements for no extra charge.” The clothing they’ve received from notPERFECTLINEN has all been of “amazing quality.”

Ade Dehye

Someone was thrilled to point out that Ade Dehye’s clothing is “hand.made.” (I believe the periods were for emphasis). The company focuses on clothes ethically made in West Africa and throughout the African diaspora.

Christy Dawn

One said the brand was “pretty great,” another said “I love Christy Dawn,” but a third was even more thrilled about the brand, writing “I looove Christy dawn! The pieces I have from them are really lovely and high quality.”

You can view the complete list of "10 Best Places to Shop for Environmentally Friendly or Non-Fast-Fashion Brands" by clicking the link below.