10 Different Looks Featuring 1 Pair of T-Strap Heels

Have Clothes, Will Travel

When it comes to heels in my closet, this pair of T-strap heels is by far the best pair that I own. Not only are they cute, they also go with many different outfits, ranging from formal to casual looks.

And to prove just how much use I’m getting out of these heels, and to give you a little style inspo, check out my 10 different looks featuring these heels, below!

My New Favorite Outfit

My first outfit featuring these shoes! I think this might be my favorite one with them too. I had worn this outfit for a tour of the Sydney Opera House…and it involved a lot of walking to get there!

Finding My Perfect Bodycon Dress

This was an outfit post that took me outside of Sydney and also required a lot of walking through parks and beaches and to my bus stop! Once again, these heels prevailed!

Finding My Perfect Bodycon Dress

Alright, this post didn’t require a ton of walking…but hey! Look! They even work with a pink bodycon dress, haha.

Fashionably Late – Blanket Scarf Trend

And then the week after I wore that bodycon dress, I took these heels for a spin in the frozen tundra of Wisconsin! And they proved to be snow-worthy too.

A Flying Flower

I had worn this outfit to explore a South African restaurant on the other end of the city. The buses we had to take to get there were standing room only…and while it was tricky, I still managed to not tip over standing up on a bus wearing these heels, haha.

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