10 Not-So-Obvious Travel Tips People Must Know

Have Clothes, Will Travel

The excursion is what everyone enjoys and cherishes. One should know these not-so-obvious but useful tips for a better traveling experience and the essence of a trip.

Travelers recently shared some of these helpful tips on an online platform. These are discussed on the next slides.

1. A Statistical Approach to Selecting a Seat

Stats reveal that most plane crash survivors are seated in the middle rear seats of an aircraft, which many people are unaware of.

2. Stay Smart Outside

It is important to avoid showing off expensive possessions, large sums of money, or expensive gadgets, consult reliable travel discussion boards, examine market costs before making purchases in local markets.

3. Strategies to Carry a Passport

Do not carry your passport outside without any need except in case of crossing the border or checking in a hotel etc.

4. Learn Important Phrases

Some phrases are important to learn when staying in another country, i.e., “this one, don’t, don’t want, left, right, straight, and thank you.”

5. ATM Cards and Withdrawal Strategies

In dangerous areas, consider two bank accounts. An ATM card connected to the first account has fewer sums while keeping your major sums in the second account without a card.

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