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Top 13 Most Dangerous Countries for Americans to Travel to Right Now

Some places are not safe for everyone. These restrictions may include political, religious, humanitarian, or sanctions boundaries. Travel advisors have suggested a list in which countries are stated with their status of visit. These are the countries that are currently the least safe for Americans to travel to, according to the U.S. Department of State.

1. Niger

panaromic view of Niamey city which is capitol city of Niger in Niamey in Africa 25 june 2019
Photo credit: Catay // Shutterstock.com

The situation in Niger remains risky, with ongoing efforts to overturn the constitutional order, leading to potential demonstrations and instability. Violent crime, including armed robbery, is prevalent, and terrorist groups are actively planning kidnappings and attacks. These attacks may occur with little or no warning, targeting government facilities and areas frequented by Westerners, particularly near the borders with Mali, Libya, Burkina Faso, and northern Niger.

2. Russia

the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour - best things to do in Moscow

Do not go to Russia because it can currently be very risky for Americans. The Russian military invaded Ukraine without any reason, and this has caused a lot of problems. Russian government security officials might bother or even arrest Americans for no good reason. They also don’t always follow their own rules fairly. There are not many flights in and out of Russia, and if anything goes wrong, the U.S. Embassy might not be able to help much. There’s also a chance of terrorism. If you are already in Russia, it’s better to leave as soon as possible. Be extra careful because you might be wrongly detained.

3. Burma (Myanmar)

Bagan, Myanmar temples in the Archaeological Zone.
Editorial credit: Sean Pavone / Shutterstock.com

Burma is currently listed as a Do Not Travel country. This is for Americans especially. This restriction is due to political unrest, a chaotic environment, and the absence of human rights. There is also religious instability between Muslims and Buddhists in Myanmar, making Burma an unsafe country.

4. Afghanistan

Aerial photo of small villages between Ghazni and Kabul in Afghanistan
Editorial credit: Wandel Guides / Shutterstock.com

Afghanistan and American relations have been intense for almost 20 years. The Taliban believes that Americans had invaded their homeland. In this regard, Americans are not accepted in Afghanistan by its locals. Traveling throughout the country is not safe. Moreover, the Taliban are considered extremists in their beliefs. 

5. Belarus

Minsk, Belarus. September, 2019. The Bolshoi Theater of Belarus. Opera and ballet. The interior and exterior of the building. Behind the scenes.
Editorial credit: AlesiaKan / Shutterstock.com

Belarus is a strong ally of Russia. It supports Russia in every war and conflict, which makes it hostile toward the countries that are hostile to Russia. So Belarus and America do not have good relations at all. Visiting Belarus as an American is not advised.

6. Iran

Tehran skyline with panoramic view of the city Iran
Editorial credit: Borna_Mirahmadian / Shutterstock.com

There have been tense relations between Iran and America for almost half a century. America has imposed restrictions on Iran to trade. Conflicts include Iran hostage crisis, Anti-Western Ideology, and Islamic Revolution. As a result of all this, Americans can’t currently travel to Iran safely.

7. Iraq

Erbil, Iraq - June ``1, 2022: View of the Clock Tower at Bakhi Shar Park from Erbil Citadel
Editorial credit: alex9330 / Shutterstock.com

The American invasion of Iraq in 2003 destroyed both countries’ bilateral relations. It’s not safe for Americans to be in Iraq because there is a high risk of violence and kidnapping. Terrorist groups that don’t like the United States often attack the people who live there and even people from other countries. If something bad happens and you need help, it can be hard for the U.S. government to assist because they have strict rules on where their people can go.

8. North Korea

Kaesong, North Korea September 25, 2018: A view of the Kaesong Industrial Complex, North Korea from the Dora Observatory, South Korea
Editorial credit: Michael Overstreet / Shutterstock.com

Don’t go to North Korea because there’s a big risk of getting arrested and being kept in prison for a long time, especially if you’re from the United States. U.S. passports are not allowed for travel to North Korea unless the government gives special permission, but that’s very rare. If something goes wrong and you need help, the U.S. government can’t do much because they don’t have good relations with North Korea. Sweden tries to help, but even they sometimes face problems in getting access to detained U.S. citizens. 

9. Libya

December 30, 2021: Capital of Libya, Tripoli seafront skyline view.
Editorial credit: Hussein Eddeb / Shutterstock.com

Libya is a place where there is a lot of crime, and it’s not safe for Americans. People can be kidnapped and held for money. There are also groups that have threatened the U.S. government and citizens. They might suddenly attack places where tourists go, like hotels, markets, and government buildings.

10. Syria

Village Maaloula in Syria with a statue of the Virgin Mary Syria before the war November 30, 2010. Maaloula is a Christian village where the language spoken by Jesus Christ has been preserved Aramaic
Editorial credit: Maris Maskalans / Shutterstock.com

Don’t go to Syria because there is a lot of terrorism, fighting between groups, kidnappings, and unjust arrests. People can get hurt or even killed. Important things like buildings, schools, and hospitals have been destroyed, and it’s difficult for people to live there. If something bad happens, the U.S. government can’t help because they don’t have people there. It’s best to stay away from Syria as an American.

11. Mali

A typical Dogon city of mud sits on the hillside of the Bandiagara Escarpment of Mali, Africa
Editorial credit: James Michael Dorsey / Shutterstock.com

In Mali, there is currently a lot of crime, terrorism, and kidnappings. People can get hurt or robbed. It’s especially risky during holidays and events in the capital city and southern regions. There are roadblocks and police checkpoints that can be dangerous, especially at night. Terrorist groups are also planning to kidnap and attack people. They may target places like clubs, hotels, restaurants, and even places of worship. They might also attack government buildings and places where foreigners go.

12. Somalia 

Dusk In Mogadishu Somalia
Editorial credit: Jan Wellmann / Shutterstock.com

One American stated his bad experience of visiting Somalia for his business trip. He stated that being a citizen of an independent country, there is always a death chasing in Somalia. The blasts and gun shoots are normal street stuff. Some extremists and Islamic militants still do not accept Americans in Somalia. One should travel in an armored vehicle and should carry self-defense material to avoid death.

13. Yemen

Assailah in old Sana'a - Yemen
Editorial credit: Hamdan Hasan20 / Shutterstock.com

Due to the unstable political condition of Yemen, its peace is shattered. Civil war, fear of terrorism, bad health conditions, and absence of laws in this country, Americans are advised not to visit this country.

Source: U.S. Department of State

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