About Have Clothes, Will Travel

Hey there! Welcome to Have Clothes, Will Travel – your go-to spot for all things fashion and travel! Founded in 2014 by Lindsey Puls, this site is all about keeping it real and practical while exploring the exciting worlds of fashion and travel.

At Have Clothes, Will Travel, we’ve got you covered with honest product reviews, detailed travel guides, packing lists, style tips, and online shopping guides – everything you need to make the most of your fashion and travel adventures.

Lindsey Puls is the brains and heart behind Have Clothes, Will Travel. With over 10 years of online shopping experience, Lindsey knows her stuff and loves sharing her insights to help you make savvy shopping decisions. Her background in journalism and TV news production means you can trust her to give you the inside scoop.

But it’s not just about expertise – Lindsey’s lived in places like Argentina, Australia, Russia, and Japan, giving her a global perspective that sets Have Clothes, Will Travel apart.

More than just a website, Have Clothes, Will Travel is a community. Join us on social media and online forums to connect with like-minded fashion and travel enthusiasts. Share your experiences, recommendations, and insights to help others and be part of our awesome community. (Check out all of our social links below!)

So, whether you’re looking for practical advice, inspiration, or just some fun fashion and travel stories, Have Clothes, Will Travel is here for you. Let’s explore the world with confidence and style together!

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