About Have Clothes, Will Travel

Hi! I’m Lindsey Puls, the voice behind Have Clothes, Will Travel. I am an adventurer and online shopping aficionado from a small town in Wisconsin. I’ve also lived in Russia, Argentina, Japan, and Australia.

With over a decade of expertise in traveling and online shopping, I meticulously curate reliable guides and emphasize transparency in my reviews.

My journalistic background, which includes working as a morning show producer, shapes Have Clothes, Will Travel’s commitment to accuracy and detail.

My frequent and extended travels help me really dig into the places I visit, so I can provide you with detailed and nuanced perspectives on each destination.

Have Clothes, Will Travel is a reliable resource, offering practical insights into the worlds of fashion and travel. My unique blend of experience and unwavering dedication to honesty shapes this platform into a space where readers can confidently navigate the complexities of consumer choices and travel destinations.

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