Lindsey Puls | Your Globetrotting Guide to Travel and Smart Online Shopping

Lindsey Puls is a journalist, world traveler, and online shopping aficionado.

Lindsey founded Have Clothes, Will Travel in 2014, has more than 10 years of international travel experience, and is an expert online shopper.

She’s known for her refreshingly honest reviews of her online shopping experiences and sense of style, as well as her intuitive guides for the places she has lived and traveled.

Who is Lindsey Puls

Lindsey Puls of Have Clothes, Will Travel standing on a cliff at sunset with a pink flying dress in Santorini Greece

Say hello to Lindsey Puls, a journalist, travel expert, and fashionista.

With over a decade of expertise in traveling and online shopping, Lindsey meticulously curates reliable guides and emphasizes transparency in her reviews and travel articles.

Lindsey’s foray into the world of fashion and travel began with her innate sense of style and a deep-seated desire to explore. Through her blog, Have Clothes, Will Travel, she has become a beacon for those seeking advice on how to travel in style and shop smartly, wherever they are in the world. Her journalistic background, which includes working as a morning show producer, shapes her commitment to accuracy and detail.

Lindsey has been blending her travel savvy with her love for all things fashion since founding Have Clothes, Will Travel in 2014. Her experience and unwavering dedication to honesty shape her writing in a way where readers can confidently navigate the complexities of consumer choices and travel destinations.

Lindsey’s Journey

After graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay with a degree in Communications and an emphasis in Journalism, Lindsey began her career as a writer for WLUK-TV, she was quickly promoted to video editor, and then a morning show producer. Her years working in the news industry cemented her commitment to accuracy and detail in her writing.

Feeling the pull of her wanderlust, Lindsey made the bold decision to leave her job and pursue her passion for travel. This pursuit took her across continents, living in diverse locales such as Japan, Australia, Argentina, and Russia, each place adding a new dimension to her understanding of global cultures and styles.

It was during these travels that Lindsey launched Have Clothes, Will Travel. This platform not only showcased her adventures but also caught the attention of top fashion companies worldwide. Her journey took an exciting turn as she delved into the world of fashion, working as a personal stylist and earning invitations to prestigious events like New York Fashion Week and Sydney Fashion Weekend.

The Puls Experience: Fashion, Travel, and Beyond

  • 2014: The inception of Have Clothes, Will Travel
  • The Mission: To marry the world of fashion with the thrill of travel
  • The Vision: Empowering individuals to express themselves through their style while embracing the adventure of travel

Why Follow Lindsey? She brings a unique perspective to fashion and travel, grounded in honesty and practicality. Her blog is not just a resource for style tips and travel guides; it’s a testament to living a life filled with adventure, elegance, and truthful evaluations.

Lindsey believes in the power of personal style as a form of self-expression and adventure, complemented by her unfiltered assessments. Her expertise isn’t just in recommending the best travel outfits; it’s about how fashion can enhance your travel experiences and vice versa, always presented with her hallmark candor.

Where Lindsey Has Been Featured

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