How Have Clothes, Will Travel Was Started

Lindsey of Have Clothes, Will Travel wearing a grey windbreaker and black leggings, jumping and smiling with Peru's Rainbow Mountain in the background.
I’m so happy you’re here!

This all started when I quit my job as a news producer to travel the world with my husband. Sounds like a great idea, right? Yeah, you guessed it. It wasn’t a pretty transition. The road to becoming a “nomad” and living and working internationally was incredibly bumpy, to say the least!

In a nutshell, my husband and I gave everything we owned to live abroad 10 years ago…. and wound up homeless and possessionless for years living right back in the United States. However, we didn’t give up.

We kept at our unusual lifestyle of living out of hotel rooms, moving to where my husband was working, and not owning a home or anything besides some clothing, for 3 whole years. (You can read more, here, about how that worked.) Then, our weird lifestyle started to pay off…

7 years ago, we were able to move to Japan, then Australia, then Argentina, and then Moscow, Russia! As of 2020, we’re living back home in Wisconsin, but that doesn’t mean we’ve have stopped traveling!

Lindsey tandem skydiving in New Zealand, smiling with thumbs up above the clouds

This blog originally started as a way to keep in touch with my family while we were moving around during that time.

However, now, I’m a full-time blogger and nationally syndicated journalist, sharing travel advice from far-flung places of the world and showing that “scary” countries outside the United States are, in reality, beautiful and not all that dangerous. I have a case to present for my mantra of:

We shouldn’t let our fear of the unknown stop us from exploring.

Lindsey of Have clothes, Will travel wearing a chiffon floral maxi skirt and tan cardigan, standing on a terrace with hot air balloons around her in Cappadocia, Turkey

My travel posts aim to give you the most comprehensive and digestible travel itineraries, packing lists, and travel guides for each destination I visit or live in. I also believe honesty is key, and give brutally honest reviews of the places I stay and visit, so you can make the most informed choices with your hard-earned money and vacation time.

So…..what about the “Have Clothes” part of this blog?

Another passion of mine is personal style and clothing. Why couldn’t I blog about my love of travel AND clothing? The blog’s name is Have Clothes, Will Travel, after all. (I might have had a plan here.) I’ve always enjoyed getting creative with the outfits I wear and trying different brands and styles. Now, I can also share my favorite brands and style tips with my readers!

I have also done almost all of my shopping for my clothing and accessories online for the last 10+ years. This is mainly because I tend to get quite anxious when shopping in stores (I’m a huge introvert), and because online shopping gives me more of an opportunity to think about what I am buying before I actually buy it. (I try to avoid impulse buying at all costs.)

However, I realize this is not the case for everyone, as most people find online shopping quite intimidating, and for good reason! There are some not-so-great websites and brands out there. Fortunately, I’ve tried just about all of them, and have gone through the pains so you don’t have to. The vast majority of posts on my blog are in-depth reviews of online shopping websites.

I spend months researching, testing, and reviewing a website/product before I honestly review it on my blog. And I’m not afraid to burn any bridges with a brand/designer if I don’t feel their items are up to snuff!

So, the “Have Clothes” section is where you will find my style tips, online shopping guides, and brutally honest reviews of websites/clothing items.

Thank you so much for getting to know me and my blog better!


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