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Top 11 Must-Visit Countries Around the Globe, According to World Travelers

Are you planning your next vacation but need help deciding where to go? Look no further! Recently on an online platform, travel enthusiasts shared about their favorite countries to visit. These destinations have everything from stunning natural beauty to a rich culture and friendly locals. Let’s discover which country is the best place to travel.

1. Italy: Amazing Food & Beautiful Scenery

Morning view of Amalfi cityscape on coast line of mediterranean sea, Italy
Photo credit: proslgn // Shutterstock.com

Italy was one of the most popular answers when travelers were asked what the best country in the world to visit is. One traveler said, “Easily Italy. Art, mountains, volcanos, food, drinks, beaches, and fashion to name only a few. Did I miss any?” 

2. Norway: Safe & Unparalleled Beauty

Aurora borealis over Hamnoy in Norway
Photo credit: Piotr Krzeslak / Shutterstock.com

With eyes shining bright, an adventurous soul declared Norway as the ultimate destination of their travels. Their face lit up with a broad smile as they described Norway’s natural beauty as unparalleled, with scenery so stunning that it left them speechless. The explorer also shared that they felt incredibly safe while traveling in Norway, so they rarely even bothered to lock up their bicycle.

3. Iceland: Magical Landscapes & Adventure

Godafoss, One of the most famous waterfalls in Iceland.
Photo credit: Puripat Lertpunyaroj / Shutterstock.com

Iceland has captured the heart of a wanderlust seeker who has traveled far and wide. With great enthusiasm, they rave about the unique experience of exploring Iceland’s vast and unspoiled landscapes by car. The adventurer describes Iceland as a magical place that feels like a world unto itself, with awe-inspiring scenery, including waterfalls, geysers, glaciers, and mountains, that leave them breathless. Iceland is the ultimate destination for anyone seeking adventure and a connection to the natural world.

4. Mexico: Diverse Wonderland for Travelers

Mexico, Chichen Itza, Yucatn. Mayan pyramid of Kukulcan El Castillo at sunset
Photo credit: IR Stone / Shutterstock.com

Thanks to its incredible diversity, a globetrotter has singled out Mexico as the most remarkable country they have visited. Each region in Mexico is like a world unto itself, with its own distinct culture, traditions, and cuisine. The traveler raves about the country’s ability to cater to any voyager, from beachgoers to history buffs, and highlights the friendly and welcoming nature of the locals as a key part of the experience.

5. New Zealand: Majestic Nature, Unforgettable Hospitality

Asian traveler celebrating success at Roy's Peak Lake Wanaka New Zealand
Photo credit: Worawat Dechatiwong // Shutterstock.com

This travel enthusiast says New Zealand is a destination that will leave you breathless. New Zealand is a true gem, from its stunning landscapes to its warm and welcoming locals. This country is an outdoor enthusiast’s dream, with endless activities to keep you busy, from trekking to skiing and bungee jumping. But it’s not just the adventure that makes New Zealand special; it’s the people who make the experience unforgettable. If you are finding a destination that combines natural beauty with cultural immersion, look no further than New Zealand.

6. Japan: Cultural Feast with Breathtaking Scenery

Temple in Nara Japan
Editorial credit: Sean Pavone / Shutterstock.com

For a culture enthusiast, Japan is the ultimate destination that has left an indelible mark on its soul. The country’s mouthwatering cuisine, a perfect blend of Japanese and international dishes, is just one of the many reasons why Japan stands out. The traveler raves about Japan’s seamless integration of rich cultural traditions with modern technology and convenience and its breathtaking natural scenery, from the majestic mountains to the idyllic beaches of Okinawa.

7. Spain: Vibrant Country that Steals Hearts

Madrid, Spain cityscape at Calle de Alcala and Gran Via.
Photo credit: Sean Pavone / Shutterstock.com

Seasoned travelers cannot stop raving about Spain, especially its vibrant capital city of Madrid. Spain boasts awe-inspiring architecture, world-renowned art museums, and mouthwatering cuisine. There’s something for everyone, from history buffs to nightlife enthusiasts, and the locals are always happy to help visitors explore the country’s hidden gems. It has it all, making it a must-visit destination for any traveler.

8. Kyrgyzstan: Adventure of a Lifetime in Central Asia

View to Ruh Ordo cultural complex near Issyk Kul lake at mountains background in Cholpon Ata, Kyrgyzstan
Photo credit: Pikoso.kz / Shutterstock.com

Among the 50 countries an intrepid explorer has traveled to, Kyrgyzstan has claimed the top spot in their heart. Their six months in Central Asia, including Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan, left a lasting impression on them. Kyrgyzstan, in particular, stands out as an incredible destination, with breathtaking scenery, delicious food, and welcoming people that make the experience unlike any other. It’s a place that any adventurous traveler should add to their bucket list.

9. Taiwan: Hidden Gem of Beauty & Flavor

Top view of Jiufen Old Street in Taipei Taiwan
Photo credit: f11photo / Shutterstock.com

“Taiwan stole my heart,” exclaims a passionate traveler who cannot recommend the country enough. Once you arrive in this place, you will be immediately enchanted by its breathtaking beauty and remarkable affordability. It’s a foodie’s paradise, with an endless array of flavors and dishes to try and a friendly local population who make exploring a breeze. Whether you’re seeking outdoor adventures or cultural immersion, Taiwan has something for everyone. Get ready to be dazzled by this hidden treasure, leaving you craving more.

10. Scotland: New Adventures & Dream Destinations

Kilchurn Castle reflections in Loch Awe at sunset, Scotland
Photo credit: Swen Stroop // Shutterstock.com

While Scotland holds a special place in this traveler’s heart, they can’t help but feel drawn to their shortlist of dream destinations. With five to ten countries on their must-visit list, and a handful of places they wouldn’t return to, this user is always searching for new adventures. They’ve been to around thirty countries, and while enjoyable, they didn’t leave a lasting impression. It shows that the world is full of incredible places waiting to be discovered.

11. Costa Rica: Beauty & Cultural Immersion United

Arenal volcano Costa Rica
Photo credit: Tanguy de Saint-Cyr // Shutterstock.com

Costa Rica has a special place in this wanderlust-stricken explorer’s heart. It’s a country with it all, from stunning beaches to lush rainforests and friendly locals who welcome visitors with open arms. Their favorite aspect of Costa Rica is how it seamlessly combines natural beauty with cultural immersion. The country offers the perfect blend of relaxation and adventure, making it an ideal holiday spot for travelers.

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