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12 Foods Europeans Eat Regularly That Are Really Weird to Americans

From unique meats and seafood to fruits you’ve never heard of, there is a whole world of cuisine available in Europe that you’d be hard-pressed to find in the United States. According to an online forum, this list of popular European foods are nearly impossible to find in America.

Raw Pork (Mett/Hackepeter)

mettbrötchen with onions on wooden table
Photo credit: Juefrateam // Shutterstock.com

To many Americans, this seems like food poisoning waiting to happen, but it’s actually a popular dish in Germany. Mett or Hackepeter is raw ground pork seasoned with salt and pepper served on a bread roll, often accompanied by onions.


High Angle View of Roasted Rabbit Haunches in Pan with Stewed Vegetables on Rustic Wooden Table Surface with Bulb of Garlic and Copy Space
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Although you might find rabbit rarely in certain high-end restaurants, Americans usually have the option of chicken or beef. One reader mentioned, “Rabbit is almost never seen in US grocery stores, which surprised my French in-laws.”


A closeup photo of pulpo a la gallega, an octopus with boiled potatoes, typical Spanish Galician dish, on a traditional wooden plate, with copy space
Photo credit: Plateresca // Shutterstock.com

In certain regions, especially those along the water where it’s plentiful, octopus is a popular food. In the Galicia region of Spain, pulpo is a signature octopus dish seasoned with paprika. One user says, “In Croatia, especially here on Adriatic, we eat octopus a lot”.

Black Currants

The woman collects black currant. Ripe berries of black currant on the branch. Healthy berries of black currant in a bowl in a summer garden. Healthy eating concept
Photo credit: alex_gor // Shutterstock.com

If you’re American and you’ve never heard of this berry, there’s a reason for that. They’re illegal! According to one user, “Black currants were banned from import for a long time because they carried a fungus that could kill American trees. That’s why they’re not easy to find.”

Horse Meat

macro shot of half-cooked horse meat fillets on black stone
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One commenter says, “While this isn’t something that every European nation does, Horse is considered to be a delicacy in some parts of Europe and in France, they have a thing called “Chevalines” which is a butcher shoppe that specializes in Horse meat.”

Clotted Cream

Traditional English afternoon tea: scones with clotted cream and jam, strawberries, with various sandwiches on the background, selective focus
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A popular spread in England, clotted cream is served alongside scones and jam for afternoon tea. It’s a thick, slightly sweet dairy spread that tastes like something in between butter and whipped cream.

Blood Sausage

Tasty blood sausage with rosemary on grey table, flat lay
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Also called black pudding, blood sausage is basically what it sounds like: animal blood in a sausage casing with filler to harden it. It’s a popular food all over the United Kingdom, including England, Scotland, and Ireland.

Whole Fish (with the eyes)

Grilled fish with roasted potatoes and vegetables on the plate
Photo credit: wideonet // Shutterstock.com

Although both Europeans and Americans commonly eat fish, the way it’s prepared can differ quite a lot. Many American tourists may be disturbed when they order fish in Spain or Portugal, and an entire fish comes on the plate with eyes intact. However, most Europeans prefer whole fish because you can more easily ascertain the high quality of the fish this way.


autumn berries on table, lingonberry raw closeup
Photo credit: yonikamoto // Shutterstock.com

Somewhere in between a cranberry and a blueberry, lingonberries have a tart, slightly sweet flavor. These red berries are popular in Scandinavian countries, where they’re used to make jams, sauces, tarts, and more.


Reinsdyrfilet Fillet of reindeer steak
Photo credit: Pear C // Shutterstock.com

They eat Rudolph in Europe? In certain areas with colder climates and larger reindeer populations, like Iceland and Norway, reindeer is commonly eaten like venison in the U.S.


BBq Grilled lamb mutton chops steaks in a pan. Black background. Top view
Photo credit: Mironov Vladimir // Shutterstock.com

Although we more commonly see lamb here in the U.S., mutton is similar but from an older sheep. Mutton is often eaten alongside potatoes in England, Scotland, Norway, and Iceland.


Marzipan sweet treats at market
Photo credit: zyzil3 // Shutterstock.com

Marzipan is a candy made from a sweet, hardened paste made from ground almonds and sugar. You can occasionally find marzipan in America in specialty stores, but it’s not nearly as common a treat as it is in Europe. In Spain, the Christmas markets fill the streets in winter with stalls featuring marzipan shaped into every imaginable thing, from fruits to dogs to burgers.

Source: Reddit

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