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10 Unique European Things That You Won’t Find in America

Europe’s rich history and diverse cultures have given rise to a myriad of traditions, products, and experiences that remain exclusive to this captivating region. From centuries-old architectural wonders and delectable culinary delights to quirky wildlife, these distinct elements showcase the allure and charm of Europe, offering a fresh perspective on the world across the Atlantic. Recently people shared unique items not found in America on an online platform. Check them out in this post.

1. Thousands of Castles and Really Old Buildings

Neuschwanstein Castle Neuschwanstein medieval castle in Germany, Bavaria land. Beautiful autumn scenery of Neuschwanstein ancient castle circled by colorful tree, amazing seasonal fall scene. Famous and popular landmark.
Photo credit: Feel good studio / Shutterstock.com

Castles in Europe began to emerge in the 9th and 10th centuries and reached their peak during the 11th to 13th centuries. Castles in America did not emerge until about 1665. The U.S. has around 145 castles, and Europe has thousands and thousands.

2. Wild Hedgehogs

Cute common hedgehog on a stump in spring or summer forest during dawn. Young beautiful hedgehog in natural habitat outdoors in the nature.
Photo credit: DenisNata // Shutterstock.com

Hedgehogs are one of the oldest species around Europe, and they survived so long by becoming resistant to all kinds of diseases. The noises hedgehogs make are unreal. At night you will hear noises, and you’d expect these are from the depth of hell before a cabbage-sized spiky guy scuttles out from the bushes on his hunt for slugs. 

3. Paid Toilets

Saint Petersburg, Russia - 2 February 2021. paid toilet on the city street
Photo credit: Semiglass // Shutterstock.com

This is one of the strange things in most of Europe. There are plenty of public toilets, but train and bus stations will make you pay to use them. 

4. Highly Paid Serving Staff

Smiling young bearded male chef cook or baker man in striped apron toque chefs hat isolated on red background. Cooking food concept. Mock up copy space. Holding fan of cash money, showing thumb up
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Europe pays their service staff and doesn’t expect the public to pay their wages or for their staff to rely on tips. Some states, California, for example, now, do pay their service staff at least minimum wage, and the staff also gets tipped. A commentator says, “We had a server recently who is a college grad and said he didn’t want to leave his service job because it paid better than a job he could get with his degree.”

5. Tons of Walkable Cities

London, UK - March 12, 2023: People walking outside the King's Cross underground station in London.
Photo credit: HasanZaidi // Shutterstock.com

Europe has more walkable cities than America. Here in America, the cities are more complex, surrounded and suffocated with buildings you cannot walk around. You have to take the car and drive through the streets to the grocery store as there are no sidewalks or pedestrian crossings to walk there, especially in the apartment complex areas.

6. Explosives Just Laying Around…Leftover From War

Danger unexploded bomb sign at a wartime reenactment event in the UK.
Photo credit: JoeClemson // Shutterstock.com

Every few years, you hear about someone in Europe finding a grenade or a bomb with sometimes disastrous results. Left over from two world wars and several smaller, more recent ones, plus nobody knows where most of it is. In America, for the most part, it is near military bases or training sites if this were to happen. It poses a smaller danger to the public. 

7. Minimum of 4 Weeks Paid Vacation

Sweet idleness. Lazy young hispanic lady sit in relaxed pose on big comfy sofa at living room interior breath air dream imagine. Successful female new flat apartment buyer rest at home feel pleasure
Photo credit: fizkes // Shutterstock.com

Europe has impressive working rights as they have a minimum of four weeks of paid vacations for the workers per year. Sick time is nearly unlimited, and the employer has to only pay the total salary for the first six weeks of one illness. After that, health insurance covers 70% for like 1.5 years if you keep on the same disease. 

8. Christmas Markets

photos of the GUM Mall during Christmas in Moscow, Russia
Photo credit: Have Clothes, Will Travel

There are amazing Christmas markets in Europe that fascinate the people and make Christmas more enlightening and joyful. The markets would be crowded with people having the best time of their life, enjoying winter, and celebrating Christmas Eve.

9. Affordable Healthcare

Group of doctors talking about corona virus on conference.
Editorial credit: Ground Picture / Shutterstock.com

In Europe, the healthcare system is mostly free in some countries and very affordable in others. Here in Europe, you don’t go bankrupt from severe injury or illness.

10. Free Universities

Student Exchange Programs In Eu. Happy Multiracial Teens Posing Over Europe Union Flag, Creative Collage
Photo credit: Prostock-studio // Shutterstock.com

Most European countries offer tuition-free or very low-cost education for both domestic and international students. Most universities in America cost tens of thousands of dollars a year in tuition.

Source: Reddit

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