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11 Things Europeans Do That Americans Find Really Weird

Every country has different cultures and traditions. One thing that is normal in one country might be weird in another. On an online platform, Americans shared what they find weird in Europeans.

1. No Personal Space in Lines

Queue is the good thing that can reflected a regulation of people.
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One American stated that he had lived in Germany for 3 years. He finds that there is no personal space while standing in a line waiting. People of Europe (or at least Germany) do not consider personal space necessary when standing in a line. He added, “I’d be standing in line at a store and the next person behind me is breathing down my neck.”

2. August is Off in Europe

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Many European people do not do work in the month of August. The streets, offices, and schools are on leave this month. Even doctors seem scarce in this period. This is because August is the summer vacation month in most parts of Europe. When any American visits Europe for the first time, they find it weird how few people are working.

3. Late-Night Dinners

Ascoli Piceno,Italy/ June 2016/ Late night eating in Plaza
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Americans generally do not eat dinner late at night. The absolute latest hours for dinner for Americans are 8 to 9 pm. On the other hand, there is a culture of late-night dinners in Europe. They eat their last meal even from 12 pm to 2 am. This is really shocking for Americans when they encounter Europeans who have these habits.

4. Adaptation to the Environment

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Americans are very hardworking and passionate in their fields and work. They can adapt to extreme environments such as heat, cold, humidity, and abrupt changes in weather. But the Europeans are totally different in this case. In many cases, Europeans often prefer to leave work in a harsh environment. 

5. Bathroom Light Switches Are on the Outside

Row of eight light switches, while a finger switches on one light switch.
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Commonly, the switches of bathrooms or toilets are outside of the room in Europe. No matter it is a public or private toilet, switches are not inside. The European logic for this is while entering a dark room. It is difficult to find the switch. Americans find the switch place and logic both weird because they have these light buttons inside the bathroom.

6. Smoking Culture

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Smoking is very much common in Europe. Age and gender do not matter in this regard. In streets and malls, it seems every second person will be holding a cigarette in his hand. In America, the smoking rate is low. Thus, when Americans visit Europe, they find this smoking culture weird.

7. Nudity in Europe is Normal

Sensual young woman relaxing in spa swimming pool
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One five-star spa and beauty salon owner in America claimed that when they attend European men and women, they are so comfortable getting naked, just like it is nothing. One commenter said this is because, “In most of Europe, nudity is not inherently sexualized (like it is in America).”

8. Leaving Babies Napping Outside

Baby girl sleeping in pram on outdoor terrace of Parisian street cafe with cup of hot coffee on the table. Going out with kids
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Some Americans commented how they found it strange that some Europeans (specifically in the Scandinavian countries) would leave their babies napping outside, alone, in chilly weather. Europeans explained that this was super common years ago. One said, “Doing the housework and baby needs fresh air? Put them outside in their pram. Going into a shop for a couple of things? Pram outside.” One man said his father worked in Bulgaria in the 80s, and it was common to see babies napping outside. “Housewives going into the stores, leaving a line of babies in the street where the sun shined and uncovering their faces so they’d get Vitamin D.”

9. “How are you doing?” is Not a Greeting in Europe

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When you ask Europeans “How are you doing?” They think it’s a personal question instead of an American greeting. One American also said, “I work with a lot of European military, and they all say the same thing. “Why do you ask how I am, if you do not care??” Fair point!

10. Twin Beds in Hotels in Europe

Bedroom with two twin beds pushed together, headboard upholstered in green fabric, wicker and metal bedside tables and a beautiful lamp on the ceiling
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When Americans visit Europe and have to stay at hotels, they find many things strange. For example, in hotels, single twin beds are joined side by side. They are joined to make king/ queen beds for a two-person room. Americans find it illogical that when there is a facility of king beds, then why join two?

11. Washing Machines In The Kitchen

Interior of modern kitchen with washing machine. Laundry day
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In Europe, people are used to doing laundry in the kitchen. According to Europeans, the switches are present in the kitchen. That is why it is easy to use the washing machine there. For Americans, this is not normal.

Source: Reddit

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