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10 Things People Miss the Most About the ’90s

The ’90s was a decade filled with iconic fashion, music, and pop culture. It was also a simpler time, where people could enjoy life without the constant distractions of technology and social media. Recently on an online platform, people were asked what they missed most about the ’90s, and their responses were both nostalgic and heartfelt. From the accessories and music to the freedom and innocence, here are some of the things people missed most about the ’90s.

1. The Good Old Days: Before Smartphones and Social Media

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Remember the good old days before smartphones and social media, when people couldn’t be reached 24/7? A fond user certainly does. They reminisce about the ’90s, a time when people had to wait to connect with each other until they were face-to-face or could use a landline to call. Life was less hectic, and people had more time to themselves without feeling guilty. Nowadays, it’s all about being constantly available, which can be exhausting and overwhelming.

2. The Vibrant and Playful Fashion of the ’90s

Guy and girl in clothes of the nineties, next to the old car
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The ’90s were a time of creativity and individuality in fashion, and a fashionista user remembers it well. They express their nostalgia for the unique and colorful accessories that were popular during that era. From butterfly clips to tattoo necklaces, hair gems to lipgloss rings, snap bracelets, and tamagotchis, the ’90s had it all. It was a time when people could express themselves in fun and playful ways through their accessories, and the user missed the variety and vibrancy of that time.

3. Reliving the Iconic Music of the ’90s

BLINK 182 at the 2004 Teen Choice Awards at Universal Studios, Hollywood. August 8, 2004
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Can you hear the music playing in your head? A music aficionado certainly can, as they express their nostalgia for the iconic music of the ’90s. From grunge rock to boy bands to hip hop, the ’90s had something for everyone, and the rise of MTV made these songs and artists even more unforgettable. The user can’t help but sing along to classics like “No Scrubs” by TLC, which remains popular to this day. The ’90s were truly a time of diverse and memorable music, and this music lover longs to relive it all.

4. Disconnecting from Technology: Nostalgia for Analog Play

Urban biking - teens and bikes in city park
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One person longingly remembers the days when they could ride bikes and play kickball with friends without the distractions of technology. They recall the pure joy and togetherness of spending time with friends in person and how it created a sense of community. It was a simpler time when people could truly disconnect and enjoy each other’s company without the constant buzz of digital devices.

5. From Tamagotchis to Butterfly Clips: A Look Back to Happy Memories

BARI, ITALY - MARCH 19, 2023: a kid playing with a Tamagotchi (portable handheld digital pet video game, created in Japan). Closeup of the creature sleeping.
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For many, the ’90s are a decade filled with happy memories. This person’s nostalgia encompasses the colorful and fun accessories that were popular during that time, from butterfly clips to snap bracelets. The iconic Tamagotchis were also a hit, providing a digital companion that could fit in your pocket. From playing video games to collecting Pokemon stickers, the ’90s was a time of carefree fun and play.

6. Concerts and Energy: Remembering ’90s Live Music

MONTREAL, CANADA, JUNE 6, 2013, Boyz II Men in concert at Bell Center for the Package Tour
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A concert-goer fondly recalls the affordable and energetic concerts of the ’90s. The feeling of being packed in a sweaty crowd while seeing your favorite artists live was unmatched. The ’90s offered diverse musical genres to explore, from grunge to pop to hip-hop. There was an undeniable energy and excitement that came with experiencing music in person, making it a time that many still long for today.

7. Financial Stability: Life of Middle Class in the ’90s

This is a typical suburban single-family home. It is a white house with a picket fence in front. This typifies the American dream for most people, New England.
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Remember the middle class of the ’90s? This person certainly does. They reminisce about how things were much easier to afford back then and how the salary-to-cost-of-living ratio was more favorable. They remember a time when a 4-bedroom house in the suburbs of a big city cost around $100k, and a good salary was around $40k per year. These days, that same house would cost around $1 million, and a similar salary would be around $80k. They yearned for the financial stability of that era, where affording a home and living a comfortable life was not out of reach.

8. The Thrill of Buying CDs: A Music Lover’s Nostalgia

Music connoisseur. Shot of a young woman going through the CD rack at a music shop.
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The 90s nostalgia wave is in full effect, and people long for the era’s simple pleasures. A music lover shares their yearning for the days when buying a new CD was a thrilling experience. The excitement of unwrapping the album, exploring the artwork, and reading the liner notes while listening to the music was unparalleled. In the digital age, streaming music has taken over, but it can’t compare to the tangible experience of holding a physical album in your hands.

9. The Simplicity of Social Interactions

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The 90s were a time of easy social interactions, and many people miss the simplicity of it all. A social butterfly recalls that it was effortless to meet and greet new people and strike up conversations over coffee or dinner. Nowadays, people are more guarded and skeptical, making it harder to form connections. The 90s offered a more carefree social atmosphere where people could let their guard down and truly connect.

10. Safer Times in the ’90s

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One person reminisces about the days when the world seemed safer. They long for the freedom of being able to go out and have fun without worrying about the dangers that seem to be lurking around every corner today. In the 90s, people didn’t have to constantly look over their shoulders or worry about things like mass shootings or terrorism. It was a time when people could live more freely and enjoy life without the constant fear that plagues society today.

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