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What To Do When Your Sister Wants To Date Your Ex: 10 Real-Life Responses

What happens when your sister asks for permission to date your ex? This situation can be tricky and can cause tension in the family. Recently on an online platform, people have shared their perspectives on how they would respond when faced with this scenario.

1. Sibling and Ex: One Person’s Surprising Answer

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One person shared that they would be open to it under certain conditions. They believe that if their ex was not compatible with them but could be compatible with their sibling, they would support it. However, they also emphasized the importance of their sibling being aware of any underlying reasons why the relationship ended.

2. Cautionary Tale: Dating Sister’s Ex

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One commenter revealed that she had been in this situation twice before with two of her half-sisters dating her exes. She had warned her sisters about dating her exes, saying they were exes for a reason. She laughed when they came back with their horror stories after having dated them. 

3. Protective or Possessive? No Ex for This Sibling

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It’s a natural and good thing to want the best for your siblings, even if it means being protective. One member firmly stated that they would not allow their sibling to date their ex. They believe their sibling deserves better and doesn’t allow them to go through the same experiences they had with their ex. The user advised their sibling to move on.

4. Learning from Exes: Positive Perspective

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Life is full of lessons, and sometimes, the only way to learn is through experience. One contributor commented on the situation, acknowledging that their sibling may make different decisions than they would have. While they would expect their sibling to make better choices, they wished them good luck with their ex and hoped they would learn from any mistakes.

5. Awkward! Sibling Dates Ex

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One participant stated they wouldn’t be thrilled about their sibling dating their ex. They joked that it would be a situation of “good luck for both” because the ex is an ex for a reason, and there’s a reason why they don’t talk to their family. It’s a tricky situation that can lead to mixed emotions and awkward family gatherings.

6. To Date or Not to Date?

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One person shared their perspective, stating that their decision would depend on the nature of their relationship with the ex. If they were on good terms and had no hard feelings, they wouldn’t mind if their sibling or best friend wanted to date them. However, they would be upset if the ex had caused them heartbreak. The individual emphasized the importance of honesty and communication in such situations. 

7. Gross or Okay? Thoughts on Siblings Dating Ex

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Another girl shares her thoughts and says she would be concerned about how the situation developed. The individual believes that exes are exes for a reason, and there are plenty of other people in the world to date. She finds the idea of dating a sibling’s former partner to be gross. It’s a tricky situation that can lead to mixed emotions and potential conflict.

8. Shocked by Sister’s Request

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It can be surprising to know that a family member is interested in dating an ex, especially if they had previously expressed dislike for them. One person shared their thoughts, stating they would assume their sister had suffered a serious head injury if she asked permission to date their ex. The individual may feel conflicted about the situation and would likely want to talk with their sister to understand her reasons for wanting to date their ex.

9. Sibling Dating Your Ex: Honesty is Key

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Honesty and open communication are key for any relationship. One individual shared their perspective, stating they would be open to the idea if it felt right. They suggested they would want to have an open and honest conversation with their sister about the situation, sharing any relevant information or concerns they may have. Ultimately, they want to ensure that their sister is making an informed decision and that they can maintain a positive relationship with both parties involved.

10. When Exes Meet Family: Awkwardness Guaranteed

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Even if feelings have faded, seeing an ex at a family reunion can still be awkward. One person shared their thoughts on the matter, stating that even if they no longer have feelings for their ex and their sister is interested in them, seeing them at a family gathering would still be uncomfortable. The individual seems uncomfortable with encountering their former partner in a family setting, which could lead to tension or awkwardness. 

Source: Reddit

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