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15 Best Things to Know Before Traveling to Japan

Japan has a rich cultural heritage, breathtaking landscapes, and modern cities. Recently on a platform, people have shared some valuable tips and insights on traveling to Japan.

Image Credit: Pexels.

1. Essential Coin Purse for Japan Travel

When heading to Japan, a coin purse is a must-have, according to seasoned travelers. To avoid being caught short of cash, purchasing one before leaving or grabbing one upon arrival is best. Despite Tokyo’s modernity, coins remain a key part of everyday life in Japan.

2. Unplanned Adventure in Japan

As one seasoned traveler discovered during a solo trip, sometimes less planning equals more adventure. Rather than stick to a rigid itinerary, they opted for a more spontaneous approach, canceling and rebooking hotels as they went, getting lost and discovering new places.

Image credit: Canva.com
Image credit: Canva.com

3. Unwritten Rules of Japanese Changing Rooms

If shopping for clothes in Japan, remember to slip off your shoes before entering the changing room, advises one experienced traveler. It is a tradition that extends beyond just homes and traditional establishments but applies to temples and restaurants.

Image credit: Canva.com
Image credit: Canva.com

4. Navigating Japan’s Unique Dining Experience

Another explorer shared that, in Japan, you will only find servers constantly hovering over you at sit-down restaurants. If you need assistance, you’ll need to flag them down or use the call button on your table, which can take some getting used to for visitors used to more attentive service.

5. Importance of Comfortable Shoes in Japan

An experienced traveler advised that comfortable shoes with excellent insoles are necessary when exploring Japan. With so much walking to be done, your feet will thank you.

6. Tokyo Top Spots to Stay

For those planning to base themselves in Tokyo, seasoned travelers suggest looking for a hotel near Ueno or Shinjuku. These neighborhoods are central and well-connected, making it easy to explore other city areas.

Image credit: Canva.com
Image credit: Canva.com

7. Lost in Translation: Japan’s Directions

If you’re new to Japan, beware that exit maps in subway stations and other places sometimes orient north. Instead, they use relative directions, which can be tricky to navigate if you’re used to maps that rely on cardinal directions.

8. Learning the Lingo for Japan

Despite spending a month traveling solo in Japan, one traveler found it challenging to communicate with locals due to the language barrier. It’s worth taking some time to learn basic Japanese phrases before your trip to make the experience more enjoyable.

Image credit: Canva.com
Image credit: Canva.com

9. Finding Zen: Slowing Down in Japan

An experienced user warned that feel free to visit only some temples and shrines in Japan. Enjoy each day as it arrives, relish the sights and sounds in your vicinity, and refrain from attempting to pack too much into your schedule.

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Tokyo Street food
Photo credit: Have Clothes, Will Travel. Street food in Tokyo.

10. From Sushi to Sake: Dining in Japan

According to one seasoned traveler, dining out in Japan is worth asking the chef for recommendations. This is an excellent way to discover new delicious dishes you might have yet to try.

Image credit: Canva.com
Image credit: Canva.com

11. The Serendipity Strategy: Wandering Japan

Sometimes the best way to explore a new city is to wander without a specific destination. One traveler recommends setting aside a day to explore hidden corners and discover unexpected gems.

12. Prepping for Japan’s Walking-Friendly Culture

An individual shared their experience of visiting numerous places in various cities in Japan, emphasizing the importance of walking consistently for around 5 miles a day. They advised that if someone is planning a trip and is not used to walking long distances, they should try to increase their stamina beforehand.

Image credit: Canva.com
Image credit: Canva.com

13. Travel Light: The Art of Packing Wisely for Souvenir Hunters

In the thread, another participant chimed in with a nugget of wisdom: “Less is more when it comes to packing, especially if you’re planning on bringing back a bounty of treasures.” Their sage advice was to approach packing carefully, selecting only the most essential items and leaving behind anything unnecessary.

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Image credit: Canva.com
Image credit: Canva.com

14. Ziploc Hack: Keep Your Surroundings Tidy

Several users advised bringing a Ziploc bag to collect all the small trash accumulating throughout the day. The bag’s purpose is to allow for easy disposal of the collected trash when a trash can is finally encountered.

15. Cool Down with This Summer Travel Tip: Chilled Facial Wipes

For those traveling during the summer, an experienced traveler recommended purchasing facial wipes upon arrival and storing them in a refrigerator if available. This way, when heading out for outdoor activities, the chilled wipes can be brought along to help make the heat and humidity more bearable.”

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  1. Janis Kent says:

    #7 I believe a sentence is missing a word. …sometimes -don’t- orient north.

  2. She’s actually wearing a traditional Vietnamese outfit called Ao dai 🙂

  3. Didn’t read the article, just came here to say that the main picture is NOT Japan, the lady is wearing traditional Chinese outfit, and the buildings in the background are traditional Chinese building. She also shows off a tattoo which is a quite rare to have in Japan, especially for woman.

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