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12 of the Best ‘American’ Foods According to Non-Americans

While the United States boasts a diverse culinary landscape, its most celebrated dishes often resonate far beyond its borders. From sizzling barbecues and decadent desserts to regional delicacies, join us as we explore a delectable selection that has captivated taste buds worldwide and earned its place on international plates. Unveiling the essence of American cuisine from an outsider’s perspective, these 12 mouthwatering delights showcase the country’s rich and fascinating culinary heritage.

1. Chocolate Chip Cookies

Portrait of a young smiling attractive brunette woman standing isolated over pink background, holding a cup of coffee and eating a chocolate chip cookie
Photo credit: Dean Drobot // Shutterstock.com

Chocolate chip cookies are among the best American food you can ever taste. They can be made with Dutch chocolate and pecans. They are also made into monster cake sizes, which is worth gaining the extra pant size! Other regions of the world also have some similar kinds of biscuits, but none are as near as good as chocolate chip cookies in the US.

2. All American Pies

Piece of an apple pie with ice cream scoop and caramel sauce on a plate, fall baking concept
Editorial credit: Elena Veselova / Shutterstock.com

The pies in America are absolutely delicious, and you will never forget their taste. There are all kinds of pies, such as Apple, Peach, Pecan, Key Lime, and more. The non-Americans loved their fluffiness and overall taste, voting for it to be the best American food.

3. Reuben Sandwiches

Ruben sandwich. New York sandwich with pastrami, sauce 1000 islands and sauerkraut. Front view. Fast food.
Photo credit: gkrphoto // Shutterstock.com

Many Non-Americans voted for the Reuben sandwiches, saying it is the best American food. A well-made Reuben is king among sandwiches. An American mentioned that when he visits a new place, he tries the Reuben because if they do this well, everything else will be good enough.

4. Chicken Parmesan

Chicken Parmesan
Photo credit: Olga Nayashkova // Shutterstock.com

This dish is known to be an Italian dish, but it actually originated in America. Chicken Parmesan or Chicken Parmigiana is the best American dish you can enjoy as a fulfilling lunch or dinner. It is served with rice or spaghetti. The main item of this dish is the breaded chicken breast coated in tomato sauce and mozzarella, Parmesan, or provolone cheese.

5. Fried Chicken Steaks With Gravy

A crispy chicken fried steak with cheesy potatoes, eggs and gravy.
Photo credit: Shane Trotter // Shutterstock.com

Many foreigners compliment this American food as the best dish. The best combination is the deep-fried chicken steaks served with some homemade or cooked gravy. You can eat it with fried rice, spaghetti or mashed potatoes. You can eat it as a main lunch or dinner course. But you can also try its breakfast version with some half-fried eggs and gravy.

6. Gumbo

Traditional Creole cajun court bouillon with fish and seafood gumbo chowder stew as top view in a pot
Photo credit: hlphoto // Shutterstock.com

This is a very popular dish in America, originating in New Orleans. Gumbo is actually a soup that can be made of meat or seafood. It is heavily seasoned with spices and sauces. The Non-Americans like this food so much. A food lover commented about this dish that if you eat Gumbo from a grandmother’s kitchen in a small town, you’ll think you’ve died and gone to heaven.

7. Thanksgiving Turkey

Homemade Roasted Thanksgiving Day Turkey with all the Sides
Photo credit: Brent Hofacker // Shutterstock.com

This American dish is usually served at Thanksgiving. It is a roasted turkey, typically large in size, that is served as the main dish during the Thanksgiving holiday. The Non-Americans who have eaten Thanksgiving Turkeys say that was the best American food of their life.

8. Cornbread

Fresh cornbread and corn grains on the table. Food grain crisis concept
Photo credit: NatalyaBond // Shutterstock.com

The foreigners say American cornbread is the best kind of bread. It will fill you with its delicious taste. A nice warm cornbread muffin with some butter and a little drizzle of honey is amazing. And if you eat this cornbread with some soul food, you will feel happiness on the inside.

9. BBQ

Closeup of pork ribs grilled with BBQ sauce and caramelized in honey. Tasty snack to beer on a wooden Board for filing on dark concrete background
Editorial credit: VasiliyBudarin / Shutterstock.com

The American-style BBQ can be the best BBQ of your life. People who have tried American-style BBQ say they have never tasted any vinegar-based BBQ ever in their life. It is so tender and juicy that you will not even need a BBQ sauce. Their smoked meat will make you crave this food.

10. Potatoes Au Gratin

Potato gratin (casserole) with cream, cheese and parsley on white plate
Photo credit: Oksana Mizina // Shutterstock.com

This dish is made of mashed potatoes with cheese in it. It also has another sister dish that does not have cheese, known as scalloped potatoes. It’s often made with bits of ham and caramelized onions. Most are made from a family recipe, and you can even create a hybrid of these two to enhance more taste.

11. Cheese Cake

Homemade cheesecake with fresh berries and mint for dessert - healthy organic summer dessert pie cheesecake. Cheese cake.
Photo credit: Oksana Mizina // Shutterstock.com

American Cheesecake is the best kind of cake. The American-style cheesecake typically consists of a graham cracker crust filled with a mixture of cream cheese, sugar, eggs, and flavorings such as vanilla or lemon juice. It is then baked until set and often served with various toppings like fruit, chocolate, caramel, or whipped cream. A food enthusiast commented that greasy, bready, and cheesy are the three most important parts of the American food pyramid. Cheesecake fits well with it.

12. Pizza Rolls

Homemade twisted Pizza rolls with tomato sauce, tomato, and cheese, trendy finger food eating pizza bites
Photo credit: Rimma Bondarenko // Shutterstock.com

This American dish originated in Mexico. It’s like baked rolls with the usual pizza fillings. They are the best kind of rolls you can have. A commenter says about this American dish, “God bless the Americans for pizza rolls. You can have it for your breakfast or as a side dish for your main course.”

Source: Reddit

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