15 Interesting Facts About Japan You May Not Know

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Japan is a captivating land where vibrant culture and breathtaking landscapes converge, crowned by majestic Mount Fuji, an active volcano. It is a mixture of different customs, arts, and practices.

Now, get ready to surprise yourself with some more interesting facts about Japan.

Japan Uses Heated Sidewalks in Some Areas

Some areas of Japan are cold and face unexpected snowfall, especially in winter. This heavy snowfall can halt the daily routine of such a busy country. To avoid this, Japan is using advanced technology in its pathways.

Japanese Trains Are Punctual; To the Second

Time is money. The timetable of trains in Japan considers time so precisely that they even consider seconds.

The Most Popular Game in Japan Is Baseball

Albeit Sumo Wrestling is the national game of Japan, their nation’s fan base is actually more inclined towards baseball. It is played on every level, from primary schools to colleges.

Most Japanese Schools Don’t Have Custodians

Japan is doing its best to make its people active, sharp, and adaptable. One practice to follow the statement is that the schools of Japan do not offer helping or cleaning staff.

Restaurants in Japan Display Dummy Food

There are dummy dishes displayed on the counters of many restaurants that look exactly like the real ones, usually made up of plastic.

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