15 of the Worst Fashion Trends of All Time

Have Clothes, Will Travel

Recently, people shared some of the worst fashion trends they’ve seen over the years on an online platform. From questionable headwear choices to bizarre footwear, these comments give us a glimpse into some of the cringiest fashion choices.

Chunky Dad Sneakers

Chunky dad sneakers have become a fashion no-no, according to some style enthusiasts. Wearing shoes that resemble those of a middle-aged father from the 90s is not aesthetically pleasing and detracts from the outfit’s overall look.

Bare Ankles in Winter

Combining bare ankles with winter clothing is a controversial trend that has overtaken the fashion world. A style maven is perplexed by this trend and questions whether the person wearing the outfit is genuinely cold.

Sagging Pants

A fashion connoisseur has deemed sagging as one of the worst fashion trends, with guys wearing their pants below their hips, revealing their underwear. This trend was popularized in the 1990s by hip-hop artists and has remained popular among certain subcultures


Individuals with a creative streak aren’t too keen on undercuts being the go-to style for every hairstyle. While they admit it used to be worse, a quick search for men’s hairstyles will reveal countless images with shaved and faded undercuts, which they consider to be terrible.

Low-Rise Jeans with Thong Underwear

Popularized by celebrities and fashion icons, the trend was supposed to be a provocative fashion statement. However, it received criticism from many who found it overly revealing and distasteful. 

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