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15 of the Worst Fashion Trends of All Time

Fashion trends come and go, and sometimes they leave us scratching our heads, wondering who could ever think that was a good idea. Recently, people shared some of the worst fashion trends they’ve seen over the years on an online platform. From questionable headwear choices to bizarre footwear, these comments give us a glimpse into some of the cringiest fashion choices.

1. Ball Cap Battle: Sticker On or Off?

Three shots of a fitted black hat from different angles isolated on a white background.
Photo credit: robtek / Shutterstock.com

Some fashion critics have declared war on the flat-brimmed ball cap trend, which involves leaving the sticker on and keeping the brim flat. This fashion faux pas is not only silly but also adds no value to the cap. They suggest molding the cap to the wearer’s head and removing the sticker to elevate the look.

2. Chunky Dad Sneakers: a No-Go

Minsk, Belarus - 3 July 2019. Nike m2k tekno women's shoe top view on the white background
Editorial credit: Maria Rom / Shutterstock.com

Chunky dad sneakers have become a fashion no-no, according to some style enthusiasts. Wearing shoes that resemble those of a middle-aged father from the 90s is not aesthetically pleasing and detracts from the outfit’s overall look. Style enthusiasts prefer a more sleek, modern shoe style that will make heads turn.

3. Bare Ankles in Winter: Fashion Faux Pas

Teen cute girl in black down jacket, blue cropped jeans, burgundy hat, boots and fingerless gloves standing outdoor against winter rural landscape. Weekend at countryside, teenage fashion concept
Editorial credit: Tatyana Andreyeva / Shutterstock.com

Combining bare ankles with winter clothing is a controversial trend that has overtaken the fashion world. A style maven is perplexed by this trend and questions whether the person wearing the outfit is genuinely cold. Although many fashion influencers and celebrities rock this look, it remains a topic of debate among fashion enthusiasts and everyday individuals alike.

4. Sagging Pants: the Worst Fashion Trend

Las Vegas, NV / USA - March 6, 2018: Very stylish young men wearing trendy clothing walk along Fremont Street Experience, downtown Las Vegas.
Editorial credit: Page Light Studios / Shutterstock.com

A fashion connoisseur has deemed sagging as one of the worst fashion trends, with guys wearing their pants below their hips, revealing their underwear. This trend was popularized in the 1990s by hip-hop artists and has remained popular among certain subcultures. However, many people find it to be unappealing and distasteful, not to mention uncomfortable and impractical.

5. Fanny Packs Across the Chest: Not Cool

Woman, wearing white t-shirt, black shorts and fanny pack or waist pack, standing outdoor near white wall. Details of stylish trendy basic minimalistic casual outfit. Street fashion. No face.
Editorial credit: Nesolenaya Alexandra / Shutterstock.com

It seems like everyone is wearing fanny packs these days, but one fashion connoisseur is not impressed by the latest trend of wearing them across the chest. The observer notes that while some stores are trying to market the look as cool, it could be a more practical or stylish option for some. Instead, they recommend sticking to classic waist-worn fanny packs or exploring other bag styles altogether.

6. Trilby Hats: Unforgivable Fashion Faux Pas

Handsome man wearing hat against wooden surface with planks
Editorial credit: vectorfusionart / Shutterstock.com

Some fashion trends are unforgivable, according to one fashionista, and the trilby hat is one of them. They argue that this type of hat is often associated with the “neckbeard” stereotype and is not a good choice for anyone trying to look stylish. Instead, they recommend opting for a fedora or another more timeless hat style.

7. Yeezy Foam Runners: Just “Yeezy Crocs Things”

Yeezy foam runners
Photo credit: Canva.com

New fashion trends are always emerging, but not all of them are winners. One individual recently expressed their disdain for the Yeezy foam runners, which they called “Yeezy Crocs things.” While these shoes may be popular among some fashion-forward crowds, the commenter argued that they are just a worse version of the classic Crocs.

8. Bad Tattoos: A Permanent Mistake

close up tattoo machine. Man creating picture on hand with it in salon
Editorial credit: Olena Yakobchuk / Shutterstock.com

Tattoos are a form of self-expression, but not all tattoos are created equal. According to one tattoo critic, many people who get tattoos don’t realize that they’re actually bad tattoos. Whether it’s a poorly executed design, a lack of clear meaning, or just plain bad taste, many tattoos could use some improvement. While some people may love their ink, it’s important to think carefully about what you want on your body permanently.

9. Flat Shoes with Chunky Soles: No Thanks

Flat sport sandals on platform with details on shelf in shoes store.Mass market shop. Close View Of Fashion Casual Female shoes. Chunky sole
Editorial credit: Anastasiia Horova / Shutterstock.com

“Flat shoes with chunky/platform soles? Not a fan,” says a fashion critic. The combination doesn’t sit well with them, and they think it might be uncomfortable to wear.

10. Undercuts: Overused and Obnoxious

Close-up of barber shop does haircut undercut for man. Concept barbershop. Soft focus.
Editorial credit: Parilov / Shutterstock.com

Individuals with a creative streak aren’t too keen on undercuts being the go-to style for every hairstyle. While they admit it used to be worse, a quick search for men’s hairstyles will reveal countless images with shaved and faded undercuts, which they consider to be terrible. This trendsetter believes undercuts are overused and have become an obnoxious trend that must disappear.

11. Sweatpants and Socks: Time to Retire

Women's legs in sweatpants, white socks and white sneakers with green elements against the background of the track with markings in the stadium.
Editorial credit: marozzau / Shutterstock.com

Sweatpants with socks pulled up over them were once all the rage, but a fashion critic has put the kibosh on this trend. The unflattering and unappealing look was once considered fashionable but has become a faux pas. Although some still wear sweatpants with socks pulled up over them during the colder months, it’s time to retire from this trend.

12. Artificial Body Modifications: A Passing Fad

A male ear with a ring on it
Editorial credit: Lopolo / Shutterstock.com

One visionary has a bone to pick with artificial body modifications, particularly massive artificial holes. These types of modifications include ear gauges, lip plates, and other similar body modifications. To this critic, these modifications are unnecessary and unattractive and can be a major turnoff. While some may see them as a form of self-expression, they see them as a passing fad that will eventually fade away.

13. Socks with Slides? Seriously?

Female legs in beige leopard socks and brown sandals on background of paving slabs. European casual fashion.
Editorial credit: Svetlana Kurapova / Shutterstock.com

The artistic soul has thoughts on a fashion trend involving white sports socks, slides, and a fanny pack. They question the practicality and style of this combination, wondering why anyone would want to wear socks with slides in the first place.

14. Man Buns with Shaved Sides

Stock Photo ID: 1446420347Young blond man wearing casual sweater looking to side, relax profile pose with natural face with confident smile.
Editorial credit: Krakenimages.com / Shutterstock.com

A trendsetter doesn’t like the man bun with shaved sides hairstyle. They believe it’s a statement hairstyle that often comes across as douchey. The hairstyle involves shaving the sides of the head and tying the longer hair on top into a bun. This commenter thinks that the hairstyle is often worn to make a statement and draw attention to oneself and that it’s time for a new trend to take over.

15. Low-Rise Jeans with Thong Underwear: Tacky Trend

Modern youth female fashion trends, pretty girl model poses in outfit
Photo credit: Batechenkofff / Shutterstock.com

Back in the early 2000s, a particular fashion trend caught the eye of one fashionista – low-rise jeans with thong underwear sticking out. This fashion enthusiast found it tacky even if the woman had the body to pull it off. Popularized by celebrities and fashion icons, the trend was supposed to be a provocative fashion statement. However, it received criticism from many who found it overly revealing and distasteful. Eventually, the trend faded out, and high-waisted jeans became popular again in recent years.

Source: Reddit

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