15 Things to Know Before Traveling to Japan

Have Clothes, Will Travel

Japan has a rich cultural heritage, breathtaking landscapes, and modern cities. Recently on a platform, people have shared some valuable tips and insights on traveling to Japan.

Unplanned Adventure in Japan

Rather than stick to a rigid itinerary, they opted for a more spontaneous approach, canceling and rebooking hotels as they went, getting lost and discovering new places.

Japanese Changing Rooms

If shopping for clothes in Japan, remember to slip off your shoes before entering the changing room, advises one experienced traveler.

Unique Dining Experience

Another explorer shared that, in Japan, you will only find servers constantly hovering over you at sit-down restaurants. If you need assistance, you’ll need to flag them down or use the call button on your table.

Comfortable Shoes

An experienced traveler advised that comfortable shoes with excellent insoles are necessary when exploring Japan. With so much walking to be done, your feet will thank you.

Tokyo Top Spots to Stay

For those planning to base themselves in Tokyo, seasoned travelers suggest looking for a hotel near Ueno or Shinjuku. These neighborhoods are central and well-connected, making it easy to explore other city areas.

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