20 of the Quirkiest Handbags You Can Buy Online Right Now

Have Clothes, Will Travel

Quirky handbags are a great way to add interest to any outfit, and they’re certainly wonderful conversation starters! It’s no secret I’m a big fan of quirky handbags, the majority of my outfit posts feature some weird bag or another.

I thought it would be fun to share some of the ones I’m drooling over right now! Admittedly, this title might be a bit too bold of a statement,  but please enjoy my quirky handbag selections and let me know which ones you’re craving.

Kate Spade Taco Bag

Sticking with the Kate Spade’s taco theme, I also had to include this hot sauce packet purse. I’ve honestly been having dreams about hot sauce and spicy food in general lately.

Mary Frances Lion Bag

Once I started looking at Mary Frances handbags, I was tempted to just do this whole post featuring only them! The details and beading are exquisite!

Fish Handbags

There are some really cute little fishy handbags out right now. I really like the second one above (the Betsey Johnson one). So cute!

Junk Food Bag

Who doesn’t love junk food? I think I like the French fries handbag the best….but that’s just me.

Alien Spaceship

Anything to do with space and aliens is right up my alley! And this would be such a fun bag to wear with galaxy leggings.

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