Alpaca Clothing Shopping Tips for Cusco, Peru + What I Wore

Have Clothes, Will Travel

If you visit Cusco, Peru the first thing you will notice is nearly every shop and street vendor is selling “baby alpaca” sweaters. The second thing you will likely notice is that nearly none of these vendors are actually selling “baby alpaca” sweaters.

Baby alpaca wool is referring to the quality of the wool used in the making of clothing (some say it’s the wool used when a baby alpaca gets its very first haircut) and can cost hundreds and hundreds of USD.

Where to Buy Affordable Souvenirs in Cusco

1. Head to San Pedro Market and bargain! 2. Head to Artesanías Asunta for AMAZING prices on souvenirs and clothing.

New Favorite Sweaters

As you can see above, we both wore our new fave sweaters immediately after buying them.  We also stayed at the only Marriott in town – the JW Marriott! It was very, very nice and actually has some Incan artifacts in a little museum that you can tour.

The Outfit

I lived in my new, handmade scarf + TOMS + jeans & only used my camera bag the entire time I was in Peru. These were all fabulous purchases for this trip. Comfort was key, and it would get pretty chilly in Cusco!

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