Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay – How to Do the Best Day Trip From Buenos Aires

Have Clothes, Will Travel

For anyone planning a trip to Buenos Aires, I can’t recommend a day trip to Colonia del Sacramento enough!

And the Barrio Histórico (historic quarter) section of Colonia del Sacramento is a designated World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It is SO beautiful and relaxing. You can even rent golf carts and sand buggies to scoot around the city with. It’s a really laid back place to visit.

Getting Your Ferry Tickets

Taking a ferry from Buenos Aires is the best way to get to Colonia. We visited Colonia del Sacramento on an Argentine holiday and tickets were selling out fast. The 3 Ferry Companies:  Seacat Colonia, Colonia Express & Buquebus.

*Portón de Campo – the City Gate and wooden drawbridge

The historical section of the city was built by the Portuguese in the 17th century and is within walking distance of the ferry terminal.

*Lighthouse and convent ruins of the 17th-century Convent of San Francisco

It has cobblestone streets and Portuguese-style houses that are super cute. (We didn’t leave the historical section for the entire day we were here.)

Check out the Old Cars

You’ll see them throughout the city. Some are still in use, and some are parked with fun little displays inside. One car had a fish driving it (outside the aquarium), and my favorite had plants growing out of it.

The Restaurants, Bars & Cafes

The best part of Colonia del Sacramento, though, is the incredible amount of quaint restaurants, bars and cafes it has. And nearly all of them have beautiful outdoor dining too.

The Restaurants, Bars & Cafes

I was seriously in heaven and tried to eat and drink at as many of them as I could, haha. My biggest recommendation would be to just try as many restaurants, bars and cafes as you can.

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