Outfit Remix – 1 Pleated Skirt Styled 7 Ways

Have Clothes, Will Travel

I had a sneaking suspicion that this pleated skirt was going to be versatile when I bought it years ago…but I didn’t expect to get quite this much use out of it! I knew that it’s been on the blog a lot, but I didn’t realize I was already up to 7 times!

It’s always been more of a canvas, so I can get creative with my top, leggings, purse, etc. So, without further ado, here are all the ways I’ve worn my grey pleated skirt!

Hello Kitty

My first outfit post featuring this lovely skirt. This outfit was actually the reason I bought this skirt…I thought it would all go so nicely together, and be a fun way to wear the cat sweatshirt instead of just pairing it with pants.

The Winter Soldier

Any chance to show off how a big of a Winter Soldier fan I am! And also a nice reminder that I really need to break these galaxy leggings out again!

My “Feeling Adventurous Outfit”

Perhaps the most normal way I’ve worn this skirt since buying it…but this outfit still has a fun story behind it. And hmmm…I really need to buy more tops in this color, I think this is the only one I own.

A Spooktacular Outfit

A very seasonally appropriate outfit right now! This skull shirt matched so perfectly with my purple leggings…thank goodness for the grey skirt again!

Living in a Winter Wonderland

Oooh, one more outfit that didn’t include a crazy, quirky top of some sort. I really like to wear this skirt with these stockings and shoes apparently!

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