Running – Dressing For The Elements

Have Clothes, Will Travel

Living in a state with interesting weather, like Wisconsin, and hating treadmills means you have to be prepared for a variety of weather conditions if you’re a runner.

One day it can be 50 degrees Fahrenheit and the next it’s below freezing. This post is going to take a look at running outfits I’ve worn in a wide range of elements.

REALLY Cold Weather – 10 degrees to Below Zero

If there is one running outfit from this whole post that you should follow to a T, it’s this one: Coat | Base layer | Tights | Sweatpants | Hat | Facemask | Wool Socks | Ski gloves | Shoes

Cold Weather – 10-30 degrees

This is my go-to cold weather running outfit. My Nike top, Under Armour tights, a hat and gloves are my perfect cold weather running outfit (and if it’s rather windy, I’ll throw on my running jacket).

Cold Weather – 30-40 degrees

This Nike running top is about 5 years old and is my absolute favorite for running in chillier weather. Again, this outfit can be modified depending on wind, how I’m feeling etc. Some days when it’s between 30-40 degrees, this works.

Mild Weather – 40-55 degrees

As you can see, I am not above wearing race shirts if they are comfortable! I’ve also discovered that I’m not a big fan of women’s cut race shirts, though. I always opt for the men’s cuts and then go a size down.

Warm Weather – 55+ degrees

This running outfit is my absolute favorite. I know many runners swear by certain brands, however, for anything above freezing, I am completely A-OK with inexpensive workout brands from TJ Maxx, Walmart, Target, etc.

You can view the complete list of Running – Dressing For The Elements by clicking the link below.