The Best Dog Christmas Gifts That You & Your Pup Will Love!

Have Clothes, Will Travel

Are you one of those crazy pet parents who buy their dog Christmas gifts? I absolutely am. Our pets are our children, so it’s always fun to open up gifts with them on Christmas morning.

A few of the things on this list I already have and use for our pup, Buddy, and some are things he’s getting for Christmas or in the future.

Hedgehog Den Toy – Awesome for Smaller Dogs or Even Cats!

Buddy already has this hedgehog den, and it is his absolute favorite toy. He’s getting another one for Christmas, though, because he’s nearly destroyed all of the little hedgehogs with his baby teeth!

Paws & Pour – A Gift For YOU and Your Pup (or Cat)!

It seriously comes with a bottle of Dog Wine – which is a doggie delicious, healthy (nonalcoholic) drinkable treat for your dog, yummy doggie hors d’oeuvres, and a festive dog toy.

Ultimate Pawprint Keepsake Kit (Makes 2) – Great for sentimental dog parents.

It was SO fun making ornaments with all the dogs! These kits were super simple too. Just make sure you press hard – especially with the letters.

Silver Honey Hot Spot & Wound Care – Perfect Practical Stocking Stuffer!

It helps with any doggy skin irritations, nicks, cuts, burns, hot spots, etc. I even used it as a hand lotion for myself the other day. It was crazy how much it smoothed out my dry winter hands!

K9 Sport Sack® Trainer – Great for Active Humans!

The idea for this gift came from my mom and stepdad who like to go snowshoeing in the winter with their pups. Now, their big black lab, Buck, loves to run through the snow with them when they go.

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