Outfit Remix: 9 Different Looks Featuring High-Waisted Jean Shorts

Have Clothes, Will Travel

It’s been a while since I’ve done an outfit remix post! And typically when I do an outfit remix it’s centered around a slightly more unusual clothing piece than a pair of shorts.

However, the purpose of this post is to show that a single pair of high-waisted jean shorts can get a ton of use! I’ll be showing 9 different outfits.

V-Neck + Quirky Purse

I like this way the best because it allows me to go a little crazy with my accessories. These outfits are so comfy for a day of walking too.

Screen Printed T-Shirt  

It’s a great way to wear them because tucking them into these shorts makes the whole look slightly more stylish and less sloppy looking (in my opinion).

Untucked Top + Shawl

Having my shirt untucked doesn’t really show off these shorts, but it does show they don’t have to be one of the central points of the outfit to still work!

Crop Top

I never would’ve dreamed of wearing a crop top, but I am now the proud owner of 2 crop tops because I can pair them with these shorts!

Swimsuit Coverup

I lost my actual swimsuit cover-up when we moved, so this has been a good alternative until I get around to buying a new coverup.

You can view the complete list of "Outfit Remix: 9 Different Looks Featuring High-Waisted Jean Shorts" by clicking the link below.