10 Best Shoes to Wear on a City Vacation with Tons of Walking 

If you’re planning a trip, you’re probably wondering what shoes to pack. You want to ensure your feet are comfortable and supported with all the walking you’ll do. Recently, on a platform, people shared their favorite shoes for exploring the city. From running shoes to combat boots, discover some of the finest footwear options to adorn while gallivanting on city vacations.

1. Tokyo Trip: Comfortable Shoe Picks

One person shared their plans for an upcoming trip to Tokyo and mentioned opting for comfortable padded sneakers for extra support, specifically her Nike Air Max, and Birkenstocks.

2. NYC Expedition: Soft Loafers Preferred

Soft and cozy loafers were the preferred choice of footwear for the second user during their July expedition to the concrete jungle of New York City. They shared that the loafers looked cute and were versatile for different outfits, including shorts, skirts, and dresses.

3. Best Running Shoes for City Walks

Living in a bustling city in Japan, an individual recommended Adidas SL20s as the go-to shoe for comfort during long walks. The user swears by them for daily wear and highly recommends them for any city vacation with lots of walking.

4. Keds: Perfect City Shoes

Different users divulged their preference for Keds for the utmost comfort and versatile style. They can easily be paired with dresses, skirts, jeans, or shorts.

5.Unexpected Comfort: Vans for Travel

Amidst a three-week European escapade, a user recounted favoring their trusty Vans over the specialized Skechers walking shoes they procured for the journey, attesting to their exceptional comfort and durability. 

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