10 Cute Novelty Handbags (Available Online)

Have Clothes, Will Travel

Searching the internet for cute novelty handbags is one of my favorite pastimes. Sometimes, just knowing that they are out there makes me happy. And, sometimes, I can’t help myself and buy them all!

I did a round-up post like this one featuring some fun novelty bags I had found online – and it’s still one of the most popular posts on my blog! Here's an updated list of what I think are some of the cutest novelty handbags online right now. Enjoy!

Bambi Crossbody

The brand name is Loungefly,. The gold details remind me of some of the pricier Kate Spade bags I own too.

Phone Bag

Oooh, Betsey Johnson has a new phone bag! Her phone handbags actually work. You can plug the handle into your cellphone and take calls from your purse, haha.

Beer Cooler Handbag

Who knew a beer cooler handbag could look so classy? It looks like you’re off to the world’s fanciest picnic with this handbag! Mary Frances always has the BEST and most detailed novelty handbags.

Wonder Woman Handbag

I love that this Wonder Woman handbag also has a detachable strap and a zipper closure. It’s from Hot Topic…they carry all kinds of fun pop culture items, even if Wonder Woman isn’t your jam.

Dinosaur Handbag

This one is a knockoff of an old Kate Spade dinosaur bag from awhile back. But hey, it’s still super cute, in my opinion! (And cheaper too!)

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