12 Hidden Gem Clothing Stores That Will Surprise You

Have Clothes, Will Travel

In a world dominated by fast fashion giants and popular retail chains, discovering unique and underrated clothing stores can be a delightful surprise.

In this article, we will unveil 12 under-rated or “hidden gem” clothing stores that are bound to surprise you with their exceptional offerings, inviting you to explore a world of fashion beyond the mainstream.


With the current prices in mind, some shopaholics praise Humana for its budget-friendly prices. It is said to be a place for hidden treasures for fashion enthusiasts. Humana offers a vast and diverse range of pre-loved clothing and accessories.


An ecosystem of fashion, as said by a fashion enthusiast. It’s not just an online thriving platform but a place where you can buy and sell vibrant fashion accessories ranging from clothes to cosmetics. Vinted offers its customers top-notch quality fabric to choose from.

Apricot Clothing

Customers love their affordable rates, but Apricot is criticized due to its variable quality, but a reasonable price seems to cover up the quality. Apricot gained its popularity by excelling in providing the best fashion-forward options that cater to the various tastes and choices of its customers.


Dedicated to bringing the hottest trends in the market, Motel was established in the late 90’s. The Motel was able to gain popularity from girls who wanted to dress uniquely edgy with a perfect blend of vintage fashion.


A fashionholic shared her experience of how she had a hard time finding perfect plus-size outfits for her, and she found 2020ave. It’s an online clothing boutique for trendsetters who never settle for dressing the best.

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