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10 Instagram Fashion Trends That Just Do Not Work in Real Life

In social media, particularly on Instagram, fashion trends rapidly emerge. With influencers and celebrities setting the stage, it’s easy to get trapped in the charm of these trends. However, as many have experienced, not all Instagram fashion trends seamlessly translate into real-life fashion statements. Let’s look at the candid opinions of individuals who have encountered these ill-fitting trends firsthand.

1. Tucked Chunky Knit: Effortless Sweater & Skirt

Attractive blonde girl posing in trendy clothes in the autumn park. Young woman wearing red sweater and white skirt outdoor.
Editorial credit: Look Studio / Shutterstock.com

A savvy observer on Instagram noted the prevailing fashion fad of pairing an oversized chunky knit sweater with a form-fitting skirt, effortlessly tucking in the corner to create a flawless and streamlined appearance. It looks great in photos, but rarely stays tucked perfectly in real-life.

2. Instagram Trend: Jacket Cape Illusion

Young Eastern European Woman traveling in New York, with long brown hair, wearing yellow dress, blue Denim jacket draped over shoulder, blue sunglasses, walking on street in Times Square of Manhattan.
Editorial credit: Alexander Image / Shutterstock.com

An astute Instagram user openly admits their admiration for the jacket cape trend but cautiously acknowledges its impracticality in various scenarios. This user, who happens to work as a stylist/customer for multiple Instagram channels, sheds light on the deceptive nature of these fashion trends, explaining that they often require specific angles or even body doubles to maintain the illusion of functionality. The user subtly hints at a world of fabrication behind the seemingly picture-perfect posts.

3. Unappealing Reality: Clear Plastic Shoes

Clear plastic shoes high heels
Editorial credit: Canva.com

With sincerity and personal experience, an individual expresses a strong opinion about the clear plastic shoe trend, firmly asserting that it falls flat. They recount the unfortunate episode of purchasing a pair of partially transparent shoes and discovering the unanticipated consequences for their toes. The user laments the unflattering squished appearance and the display of various colors caused by the strain on their skin. 

4. Impractical: Oversized, Exaggerated Puffy Sleeves

Gorgeous beautiful brunette woman with long hair in white cotton shirt with wide sleeves lanterns flounces on spring sakura blossoms background. Model touches hair
Editorial credit: Anna Zhuk / Shutterstock.com

While they might look stylish and eye-catching in carefully curated Instagram photos, they can be impractical and overwhelming in everyday situations. These oversized sleeves, commonly seen on blouses, dresses, or sweaters, can restrict arm movement and make it challenging to perform simple tasks like eating, typing, or even reaching for something. Additionally, they tend to not fit well under jackets or coats, which can further complicate matters during colder weather.

5. Instagram Fashion: Presentation vs. Realism

Sexy girl in a silver bikini and ski posing in winter on mountains background. Winter fashion model.
Editorial credit: MarcinK3333 / Shutterstock.com

Amidst a contemplative discourse, a discerning observer raises concerns not about the viability of Instagram fashion trends in real life but rather the deception with which they are presented. They astutely note the conspicuous absence of any visible lines or telltale signs of undergarments or tucked clothing in the carefully curated Instagram photos. This makes the user speculate that these images undergo meticulous posing and editing to achieve a seemingly flawless appearance. They further highlight the dissonance resulting from inappropriate contextual choices, such as wearing Mary Jane shoes and a sweater in inclement weather. Additionally, the user astutely observes the excessive reliance on photo-editing applications like Facetune to perfect and manipulate images.

6. Impracticality: Sweatpants with Heels

Woman wearing sweatpants and high heels
Editorial credit: Canva.com

Skepticism takes the forefront as an individual delves into the impracticality of wearing sweatpants with heels, dismissing it as an ill-suited fashion choice for everyday wear. They cast doubt on the combination’s practicality and appropriateness in diverse settings. While this pairing may exude style and sophistication on Instagram, the user subtly implies its unlikelihood of gaining traction in real-life situations where comfort and functionality are paramount in fashion decisions.

7. Cute Photos, Challenging Reality: Thigh-High Slits

Stylish woman in black outfit and heels.Young sexy model poses for photo on ancient architecture background.
Editorial credit: Serhii Yevdokymov / Shutterstock.com

A discerning critic calls attention to the alluring yet potentially problematic trend of thigh-high slits. While these garments may capture attention in photographs, they pose significant practical challenges for everyday wear. The user astutely points out the difficulty of maintaining modesty and sitting comfortably while donning such apparel. Though visually appealing for social media, these trends may prove less functional and practical in the real world.

8. Confusing Allure: See-Through Bags

close up shop of a African american black woman hands holding a clear hand bag by a water fountain in Chicago. she's wearing a fashionable brown trench coat.
Editorial credit: ezellhphotography / Shutterstock.com

Bafflement seeps through the words of curious observers as they ponder the purpose behind the once-popular trend of see-through bags. They question the rationale of desiring a bag that grants unrestricted visibility to its contents. The user expresses skepticism about the practicality of transparent bags, potentially due to concerns regarding privacy or the exposure of personal belongings. 

9. Questioning Expensive Dainty Handbags’ Relevance

Paris, France - March 03, 2019: Street style outfit - Purse in detail after a fashion show during Paris Fashion Week - PFWFW19
Editorial credit: Creative Lab / Shutterstock.com

With a hint of skepticism, an observer challenges the practicality of the trend of expensive, small, and delicate handbags as fashion enhancers. They make the compelling point that most individuals do not carry a handbag throughout the day. Once indoors, the bag is typically set aside, diminishing its impact on the overall outfit. The user admits their lack of understanding regarding the emphasis on handbags in fashion culture, implying that its significance wanes during daily commutes and regular activities, especially when it hardly carries anything.

10.  Bike Shorts Revival: Fashion Faux Pas from Princess Diana

Paris, France - March 5, 2019: Street style outfit - Loulou De Saison before a fashion show during Paris Fashion Week - PFWFW19
Editorial credit: Creative Lab / Shutterstock.com

Another individual explores the origins of the bike shorts trend, suggesting that it may have been influenced by vintage paparazzi photos of Princess Diana donning them after leaving the gym. The user playfully expresses skepticism, finding it amusing how practical workout attire from the past has been reimagined and embraced as a current fashion statement. 

Source: Reddit

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